Friday, 3 July 2009

What a Difference 365 Makes

Yesterday Eli had his very first visit to Nursery School.

As we spent our hour there playing in very familiar surroundings (due to the fact that we drop Thomas off there every afternoon) I couldn't help but let my mind wander back to the same experience a year ago when I was doing the exact same thing with Thomas. (Though mercifully back then it was about 10 degrees cooler and I wasn't incubating what feels like a litter of puppies).

A year ago I was full of apprehension about my firstborn growing up too quickly.

This year I can't help thinking, Roll on September!

Last year I decided to send Thomas in the afternoons so that we could all enjoy lazy mornings in our PJ's together.

This year I realised that with 2 boys under 5 lazy mornings simply just don't exist so Eli will be headed to school at 8:40 with his brother every day and I'll have lazy mornings by myself (new baby permitting).

Last year Thomas cried for 30 minutes after leaving his visit to Nursery he was so enamoured.

This year, all year, Eli has cried and had to be wrestled out of nursery when we drop Thomas off on an almost daily basis. I feel ready for that particular brand of humiliation to end. 11 days to go and counting.

While Eli and I were visiting Thomas's teacher came over to tell me that she's thrilled to be getting Eli because it'll make it easier to say bye to Thomas. She expressed that it'd be like having Thomas still there.

A lovely sentiment.

But Eli isn't a bit like Thomas.

The main contrast?

Last year I remember being really concerned that Thomas would injure himself playing with their real grown up woodworking tools.

This year I'm far more concerned that Eli will bludgeon someone other than himself.

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8 lovely comments:

Mindy said...

I laughed the entire time I was reading this post thinking of my oldest and middle child, they also couldn't be more opposite. I also had these same feelings with Ava starting Preschool this year, I am feeling really bad for her teacher, she thinks she is getting a child just like Ari and she couldn't be more wrong. She's in for a big suprise!!

EmmaP said...

oh my goodness... i laughed so hard, i actually snorted. it's true. I take pleasure in your pain of harvesting a litter, and dutifully serving on bludgeon patrol... sorry, it's how i roll


p.s. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are back to blogging! I've missed you!!!!!!!!!

Mandy said...

You really ARE the English version of me!! Our boys are the same way.

Hope nursery goes well for all parties involved! :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Amazing how much difference a year makes!

TravAndToni said...

Too funny! I hope for your sake Eli doesn't get himself "sent home" from the preschool. There is NOTHING - take my word on this one - more humiliating than the disgrace of having to walk in to pick up your miscreant three year-old...

Barbaloot said...

How nice that their schedules will work so you can have your mornings. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your baby will cooperate with that:)

Krystyn said...

Such a difference...I would be willing to bring the second for a full day, too!

Wendi said...

You still crack me up.
Love your humor!
All three of my kids are so very different too.
It is a wonder they have the same parents.
Enjoy your mornings alone!