Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In Loving Memory……

[Whispers] Hello, is anybody out there?


[Shouts] Hey! Where is everyone?


As I am sure you can imagine brimming with anticipation on returning to blogging I excitedly went on a whistle-stop tour of all my favourite blogs. Of which there were many.

Eager to catch up on all I’ve missed since Libby was born and attempted to suck out all my will to live by never, ever sleeping.

Sadly, I found lots of this,

private blog url

Only to be expected I guess, and obviously I would’ve been invited if I hadn’t carelessly neglected my blog for quite so long.

But I also found lots of this,

no longerGasp!

I really mean it, GASP!!!!

Too many of the blogs I loved and followed are not even in existence anymore.

It’s like while I was absent completely unbeknown to me there was some kind of tragic blog holocaust.

Whole blogging civilisations wiped out with absolutely no explanation.


I find myself feeling a bit like this guy,

Wall-E6See the sadness in his eyes?

That’s exactly what my eyes look like right now!

Those few who remain almost without exception seem to be super-bloggers now attracting millions of visitors and blogging on a scale I never even new was possible.

So here I am, a Wall-E emerging from a blog holocaust (though for certain I’ll be doing a lot less cleaning up than that guy!)

I guess it’s time to make some new friends.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In case you were wondering.....

We are still alive!

And finally ready to blog again.

And this time I really mean it!!
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