Thursday, 11 February 2010

In Defence of Britney Spears

Well that was a title I never ever imagined giving a post, or even a single thought for that matter.

I think if we’re honest people we’re all still slightly disturbed about when Britney did this.

It wasn’t a good look.

I knew my old Dyson was on the fritz but didn’t realise quite how decrepit it was until we replaced it with a beautiful new Dyson and I got quite carried away with some celebratory vacuuming (I don’t know what it is about vacuuming with a Dyson but for me it is the most fulfilling housework I ever do, or maybe just the only housework I ever do?) and emptied the cylinder only to find enough hair to hairify (I know that's not a word or even a possibility but I’m sleep deprived so I really don’t care so much)about 12 bald men.

Previous to this Eli had gone to use the bathroom after I had showered (which was a delightful change, usually he likes to visit at least once per shower, another joy of parenthood) and exited the loo in a panic. On seeing my head wrapped in a towel his panic intensified.

“Mum, you showered all your hair off!”

I went to look and reassured him that I did have some hair left on my balding dome.

Post Partum hair loss sucks.

I leave a trail of long brown hairs wherever I go. I find them in very dubious places. I have thinning patches all over. My tresses are distressed.

Not tres glamorous.

Then I remembered dear troubled Mrs Federline as was, and that she had 2 kids really close together (which I still think wasn’t so much entirely intentional and more completely accidental, not that I’m judgmental, much) and I thought wowsers that post partum hair loss had to be really dreadful.

So maybe that’s why Brit buzzed all her hair off.

(If I could pull it off like Katherine Heigl in Grey’s I’d be tempted I’m telling you. But alas I would not be a beautiful baldy and I know it.)

Well that or that Brit really was just a total fruit loop.

8 lovely comments:

Anna said...

That is one thing I'm not looking forward to! Poor Eli - probably freaked him right out! Hilarious!

Aunt LoLo said...

Heh. After I had Siu Jeun, I went to the salon and got my hair all hacked down to about 4". You know, it actually helped? For about three weeks, I didn't lose ANY! HAIR! It was so nice. *grin*

Mandy said...

My husband was just commenting on how my hair has really started to fall out. I am waiting for the clogged drains...surely they are on their way...

Claire said...

Fruit Loop. End of.

EmmaP said...

i had post partum hair loss. and then I was on Lupron for some girly-probs and lost even more! I went from THICK.BUSHY.LUSCIOUS.LOCKS to thinning.barely-there.balding. I hate it.

Yes - clogged drains. bleh! most people say the don't notice until I've pointed it out. And my problem tends to be RIGHT.UP.FRONT. The "part" in my hair line looks wide enough to "part" the Red Sea.

I'm glad I am not alone... grrr.

AMY said...

Brit really is a froot loop.

I hate the post partum hair loss too, it gets everywhere - like in intertwined in the babies fingers. Drives David crazy.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I still feel like I'm losing my hair and my youngest is 3 and 1/2. And yeah, Britney definitely had some major issues going on. Poor girl.

Julie said...

Why are we punished for bringing kids into the world?!

Your newest addition is beautiful! I hope you are enjoying your boy-boy-girl set up as much as I do!!