Friday, 23 January 2009

Christmas Revisited

For a super efficient blogger (which title I bestowed lovingly upon myself) I appear to be doing a shoddy job of blogging of late.

Three weeks into January I still don't know what day it is most days and I still haven't really found homes for the bazillion new toys the boys got for Christmas.

So here I find myself on the 23rd January blogging about Christmas. Which to be completely honest is tiresome even for a covert Christmas lover such as myself.

So here is the whistle stop tour of Siswick Christmas 2008

This year we started a new family tradition of taking the kids to the cinema on Christmas Eve. We had never plucked up enough courage to take either of them before. So we held our breath and crossed our fingers and hoped we'd all emerge alive and not too humiliated.

Because humiliation is always a factor when going anywhere with testosterone fueled 2 and 3 year olds, lets be honest.
We found that skittles turned out to be our greatest ally in keeping the kids still and quiet.

Both boys inevitably ended up sitting on our laps which resulted in Thomas kicking the woman in front of me full on in the back of the head, but she was pretty good sport about it.

But then again you can hardly make a scene in the middle of a movie, thank goodness!!

I made sure not to make eye contact on the way out just in case.

Surely the cutest sight ever? If only I could get them a recording contract.

We spent our Christmas Day at Rob's parents with his siblings and all 8 Siswick grandchildren were in attendance a recipe for chaos and disorder all over.
I excelled myself by giving my mother in law another thoughtful gift. (Clearly I should have stopped putting some thought in and actually got on with making the flaming thing seeming as I was embroidering away late into Christmas Eve, the sloth strikes again).

The result? She cried.

And who on some level doesn't wanna be responsible for making their mother in law cry?

It was just an apron that said Hands Down Best Grandma ever, along with hand prints of all the Siswick posterity. I know, I'm too kind.

The kiddo's got plenty of new stuff and for the most part love it all. Though we do have 2 rescue packs gathering dust but we're OK with that because have you any idea how annoying the Diego theme is as an alarm clock? Not a good way to start any day.

But the best gift of all was the one the kids got for us. For 3 solid weeks they slept in until 9am. Bliss! Plus Rob was off so we took it in turns to get up and the other would carry on slumbering until 10am.

Merry Christmas indeed!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the legendary Siswick gift game. Which involves everyone buying an unusual/wacky gift and we all choose but can swap freely. But my brother in law Dan ended up with this Mankini (a la Borat) which will have me crying with laughter for years to come.

Seriously would you want this guy as your dentist?

So that is Christmas in a rather large nutshell. Now only 17 more blog posts I need to actually get cracking on.

Well and the 439204 that are currently calling me from my google reader. Sorry folks, I'll get there I promise!

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8 lovely comments:

Barbaloot said...

I don't know---I'm generally a fan of cute dentists, but the mankini could turn me away.

Looks like some fun celebrations. And as usual, I think your kids are darling.

Claire said...

He's a dentist?! Then he should know the difference between flossing his sweet patoot and his teeth, surely!?

The fact that you got some glorious lie ins, truly is a CHristmas miracle. I would've liked some of those...

I'm glad you're back. I was missing your blogs.

Jen said...

That picture is hilarious--does he know you posted it?

I say mark all the posts in your reader as "read" and just start over. That is what I do when I get too far behind.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

hahaha!!! I'm sure your brother appreciate you posting that. :)

And seriously??? The kids slept until 9am for 3 weeks straight? That is what I call a Christmas gift!

LadyFi said...

LOL! A dentist in a mankini - yes please!

Melissa said...

LOL! Still laughing about the mankini!

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas otherwise!

Saskia said...

The photo of all the grandchildren together is so cute!! How lovely for them to have cousins all close in age.

Strawberry trifle for tea? YUM!

Saskia x

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I know the feeling of taking a break. I did that basically all of December. So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas.