Sunday, 11 January 2009

Looking Forward

2009 is upon us.

It came upon me so unexpectedly that I completely forgot to make New Years resolutions that I would undoubtedly break at some point between now and Spring. Hey, at least I can't disappoint myself now, right? Hallelujah to that I say.

Here is a sneaky peak into what 2009 holds for us over here, try not to get too jealous.

First up: Potty Training

Why our dear Father in Heaven didn't send these little people to live with us completely toilet trained is beyond me, seriously.

It brings out all the worst parts of my character and magnifies them a gazillion-fold.

Thomas was dry both day and night by day 4 (bless his heart) but still by pee on the floor number 8, in the second hour, of morning number one, I was seriously contemplating throwing both him and myself under a passing bus. It was so tempting.

But SuperRob came to the rescue and saved the day.
Before I get ahead of myself and start imagining a glorious repeat of Gina Ford's (baby Nazi though she is) magical 'Potty training in one week' plan I should probably consider that this is Eli I am dealing with.

The child responsible for such antics as these? (Disclaimer: Not a link for the faint hearted or weak stomached).

Is freedom of bodily functions really what we want to give that little hellion?

Plus no SuperRob on hand to save the day this time.

So I'll be treating myself to some of this, you know, obviously, because I'm worth it.

But mostly because I'll no doubt be needing it, by the gallon.
The summer (a term I use loosely to refer to the months June through to August and not a specified period of delightful weather because hello we live in England and we haven't actually seen the sun for more than a few minutes at a time since 2006) will host our family summer holiday. This year we're going with my side of the family to lovely Great Yarmouth on the East coast. If it is a patch on last years Siswick gathering we're in for a real treat.

Unless of course 3 months in we're still dealing with potty training. Light of potty training fortune please shine upon me.

Our last milestone of this year comes in September when Thomas starts school full time from 8:45-3:25 every single day.

Oh how I'll mourn for the first week at the loss of my firstborn.

Which will speedily turn to total jubilation followed by the making of a chart to countdown the days to September 2010 when Eli will be joining him there full time too. Ah good times.

2009 could also be the year we add a new addition to the Siswick family, so watch this space. After all what better way to celebrate getting your house entirely baby kit free than by having another, right?

But I may have exploded from over consumption of Cadbury's creme eggs before any of the above actually occur, but come on, what a way to go!

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13 lovely comments:

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh the potty training! I am not enjoying it! I am going to look into that book! Please keep me posted on Eli's progress...then we can whine about it together!!
I'm excited to follow you in blog world this '09! Happy NEW year!!

Claire said...

Good luck with the potty training. It drains me of the will to live. I'm already dreading having to do it with number 3...

So... new baby!?!??!?!?!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

A new baby--how fun :)

Sounds like a busy but fun new year!

Tom, Sarah and Bevan said...

I'll see if I can produce a baby girl for you to hook up with your boys, but failing that, why don't you girl it up too so Bevan can get betrothred to her?!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Good luck with the potty training and the baby makin! 2009 looks to be a great year for you!

AMY said...

I keep expecting to hear that you are expecting... good luck with the potty training. I'm all about not pushing them, that is after trying to push my first for a year and a half.

Jill said...

So, are you or are you not expecting?????? The question of the day.

Sigh....I too have to potty train this year. My son is ALREADY 3 and we haven't even started yet. (He turned 3 Dec. 18th) I'm not sure how to "do" girls were totally different.

If you are already expecting, congrats! If you're still waiting to be expecting...the best to you! Keep us posted!

Melissa said...

It took me literally 5 minutes to potty train both of my children, but they were girls and it was just so easy. DON'T HATE ME! I've heard that it is horrific with boys. Best of luck to you! And get ready to bawl your eyes out on that first day of school!

Jen said...

Good luck with the potty training (don't envy you) and the baby-making (sounds like more fun)!

Krystyn said...

When you figure out the potty training thing....fill me in, please!

And, a vacay and baby sound fab, too!

LadyFi said...

Oh- don't mention potty training. I spent THREE whole months waking up 2-3 times a night to put my 5-yr-old on the toilet at night. He still peed in his bed. Nearly every day...

After going mad with lack of sleep, he has now gone back to using nappies at night... Sigh.

Heidi said...

Ah, sweet potty training. And I might add another one one of these days, too. For some reason I always think, "No big deal, I can handle another baby. Easy!" Then I have said baby and think I have entered HELL.

Although I love the little ones. You know I do.

Melissa said...

good luck with potty training!

can't wait to see what wonderful things 2009 holds in store for my favorite English family! :o)