Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Belated Birthday (Revisited)

You'd imagine after last years birthday I'd have been more on the ball this year.

It would appear that guilt eventually wears off because on May 24th our baby turned 3.

Leaving all traces of babyhood behind him.

And I'm only just blogging about it now.

A month late!

(Future Eli: Please note that this year I was equally neglectful blogging about Thomas's birthday so don't grow up to be a bitter and cynical middle child please.)

We'd been preparing him for months that three year olds don't have dummies and they don't ride in strollers, and apart from a viciously hellish week of sleepless nights all has gone swimmingly.
He had a space rocket cake (made by my good self) that I could have quite happily devoured in one sitting.
He got gifts galore and when asked later what his favourite gift was he replied without hesitation:

"My Nanny got me a Queen Car (Translation:Lightning McQueen) card that sings happy birthday to me".


Next year I'll save myself a fortune and buy him a £2 birthday card and spend the rest of his birthday fund on new shoes for me. Because clearly that's the only way that money is going to be truly appreciated.

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10 lovely comments:

Claire said...

Haha - i love it how kids have no concept of money.

THough, £2 is still way too much for a card.

Mandy said...

That cake is great! Did you just cut the corners off for the legs of the rocket?

Becky said...

Love the cake!!! :)

Barbaloot said...

I think it's so fun to buy presents for little kids...and it turns out they end up liking the box the present comes in more than the present! Definitely go for the shoes:)

Jen said...

That cake is the cutest thing EVER!! And yeah, kids love those silly singing cards. At least mine do.

Sarah Baker said...

Awesome cake! My husband still loves musical cards, some kids never grow up!

Saskia said...

The cake is fantastic!!

You made me laugh with your shoe idea for next year! Go for it!

Saskia x

Heidi said...

Those candles out the back? Sheer genius.

They've got to make up for all kinds of neglect.

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday...late or not!

And, love the cake.

Wendi said...

Move over Martha...there is a new baker in town.
What a cute cake!
Happy Birthday Eli!
I like the way your mama thinks!