Thursday, 14 August 2008

Let Him Eat Cake

You know how middle children are always droning on about how neglected they are?

How there are no pictures of them growing up but a trillion of both older and younger siblings?

How they got to wear nothing but hand-me-downs (my sister can tell a lovely tale about wearing my brothers Y-front pants but with the hole sewn up) but the next child got all new things just like the firstborn did solely because everything was completely worn out by the time the middle child was through with it.

I suspect most middle children actually think they were adopted because after all that is surely the only logical explanation as to why there is very little documented evidence of their existence prior to starting school.

This I cannot relate to.

I am the youngest child in my family. I loved being the youngest. Being the youngest by 5 years was even better. Sure my siblings would rather have lost an appendage than have to play with me (allegedly I was annoying) but I got quality time alone with my mum every single day while they were at school. Plus by the time the youngest comes along the parents have both more money and more time. Life for me was pretty good I have to admit.

Having had several friends over the years who had middle child syndrome to varying horrifying degrees I committed myself to always treat all my kids equally. Now I currently only have two kids so how hard can it really be?

Really hard it would appear, because I just found this unfinished post from Eli's birthday.

Yep, Eli's birthday that was in May. Two and a half months ago.

Poor kid isn't even a middle child yet and already he is neglected. No wonder he spends most of his life in a state of rage and anger.

As if this wasn't bad enough at the age of 26 months there are zero, yes zero pictures of Eli in our house. If you were to come to our house and not be familiar with us you would instantly assume we have just the one child. Just Thomas. (Though those pictures haven't been updated since Eli was born either.)

Whereas the first months of Thomas' life were celebrated with almost daily photo shoots, Eli's first months are documented in about 15 pictures.

Eli's baby book remains both incomplete and abandoned.

Eli has been frequently subjected to hand-me-downs.

So I figured I'd document here for all to see. That Eli is loved. Just as much as his brother.

Contrary to all the evidence that would make it appear otherwise.

He had a great birthday. Reaching the 2 year milestone weighing 28 pounds (50th %ile) and measuring 88cm/34.6 inches (75th %ile)
Just wanted to make that matter perfectly clear so that when he is suffering with middle child syndrome (which is surely gonna come eventually) and suspecting he was actually in fact adopted.

I can direct him right here for the truth.

We love you Eli (I promise!)

27 lovely comments:

Katie said...

Your kids are so cute, and so is your personality! I've enjoyed stopping by!

Jen said...

I pretty much all out abandoned my daughter's (baby #2) baby book by her second or third month. I have no idea when she got her first tooth, said her first word or any of those other milestones. Glad I'm not the only one.

anti-supermom said...

So funny, I have a post sitting my que about Henry's 1/2 birthday, I totally need to post it. Happy belated, really belated birthday Eli :)

Melissa said...

awww, cute! I'm sure that he knows that he's loved just as much as Thomas is!

I've actually been really good with taking pictures this time around and documenting everything just as well as I did with Kendra, if not better, and I hope that I can keep it up.

I used to tease my brother all the time that he was adopted because we had like 3 baby pics of him and then nothing till he was like 2! My dad's camera had broken down, and the couldn't afford a new one for a while.


At least Kendra won't be able to do that to Kingston. I guess she'll have to find something else to tease him about.

Dana said...

My sister was SUCH a middle child. Still is.
I hope Eli appreciates this post when he gets older, it's obvious how much you love BOTH of your boys!!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh man--I guess I need to do something for Spanky's 2nd b-day later this month ;)

Simply Shannon said...

Being a middle child myself, I found this post rather amusing!
I will say that I never felt like my parents did care about me or pay attention to me...I just felt like I got the short end of the stick a lot.

Don't feel too bad about the pictures. If you came to my house and Ciara wasn't home you would think that we lost her when she was around a year old. I have tons of photos of her, they're just all on my PC. I never bother to print anything any more! You obviously do the same with Eli as I have seen plenty of proof of his existence over the last 2 years.

Krystyn said...

I have a feeling I'm going to be guilty of this, too! I still have Izzy's ultrasound picture on our fridge, yet not one of this kid...and Izzy is here!

What a big boy! Happy (very belated) Birthday, Eli!

Kelli said...

awwww... he's such a cutie. And what a cool cake! He and my son would have fun together...probably too much fun. Two 2-year-old boys running around, climbing on things, tackling each other, playing in the toilet....hmmmm, maybe not such a good idea. haha!

Take more pictures, Carol!!! And pictures of you with the kids too! You know how I feel about this. haha :)

Anonymous said...

whoah! That cake is NEAT!! I'm encouraged by your words of the extra attention you got as a young kid- being the youngest. My little El is 5 years younger than my middle son- so I'm looking forward to the next 4 years of one on one time with her;-)

The Mrs. said...

I can understand what your saying... totally. Sadly there are less pictures of my second one, he does wear the handme downs, and I have yet to scrapbook his first year. that being said he is loved, loved loved, surely that must count for something!

thanks for stopping by!

THopgood said...

I can really relate to this one. I have serious deep seeded guilt issues with my middle child's "middle child syndrome".

Chelle said...

He is so sweet! And his cake looks yummy....

3boys247 said...

Ah yes, I was a middle child. The older and younger gang up on the middle. I had to drive the beat up old car, but my little sister got a cute jeep..yeah, I'm almost over it, almost.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My daughter probably feels the same way!

Fawn said...

Well, my #2 isn't even born yet and s/he's already getting short shrift. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and already causing middle child syndrome!

With Jade, I had a belly post on my blog every single week and I was religious about my doctor's appointments. Not so much this time around.

The White House said...

That is so funny, I am with you on the pictures around the house- I am so far behind on framing pictures of the middle and youngest kids!

Shannon said...

I understand how you feel I still dont have a baby book for parker and he is a year old, we have only gone and taken is photo once and I think he was 8 months old then. So dont worry your not alone.

Anonymous said...

Of my 3, middle is most like me; which naturally makes him my favorite ;) Middle child syndrome averted. Gorgeous boys, and I'm not just saying that because you said it first. (Eli is my babies name too)

Stacy (mama-om) said...

Aw, Eli... Woe to the second child! :)

But he sure is cute!

(I was a middle child, too.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Andrea Hardman said...

Does it count if all the pictures are there but on the laptop which died some time ago and now lays under heaps of laundry waiting for the day that I will remeber to take it to the laptop doctor to get the pics off it. Maybe, if they're really good at fixing stuff. But I did take the pictures! I bet they won't believe it. I better do a post too for future evidence.

Allikaye's Mama said...

So it is true about the pictures not being as much and all the hand-me-downs! Funny! And those boys of yours are c.u.t.e!!!

Patrice said...

lol this is too funny! I wouldn't know what it's like being the middle child! I am the oldest and I only have 1 sibling, so no middle child syndrome in our family! I'm sure Eli knows how much you love him! You even made this whole post about it! haha

Heidi said...

What the hell? I leave for three weeks and you become like a blogging superstar? What's with that?

AND--no matter what you do, your middle child will always be convinced that you love them less. I know. I still believe that.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

First off, the cake is fantastic, and if I know you, it was created specifically for Eli BY you.

Secondly, I am ashamed to admit I've still got professional pics from 15 months that need to be framed and hung. How sad is that?

I've only got one, and her pics have not been updated in this house in quite some time. Granted, we've had some other things getting in the way, just sayin'

Eli knows how much you love him, and there will be no doubt, even as he gets older!

Wendi said...

I have no idea about this middle child thing.
Me, being the oldest of four.
I was the oldest, wisest, and the favorite.
Or so I like to think.

That Eli is the cutest!
Happy Birthday Eli!!!

Mrs Wilson said...

hey Carol! just having to catch up on some blogs i've missed through the week.

I just wanted to say (the truth), for Eli's sake:


Harsh words, but necessary. I'm the 2nd oldest of 7, and i know how important these words will one day be to Eli.