Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Price of Fame

Over here in recent months (cos really that's how far behind I am with blogging) I have been swelling, not just with pregnancy either, but also with a little bit of pride.

In January our brother in law, Alex, was recruited as the new face of the BBC's preschool channel.
The good fortune honestly couldn't have shone upon a more deserving guy. (Alex was even AP on his mission and the really good kind too, not the kind you secretly want to poke in the eye or even better bake laxative laced cookies for).
So you can probably imagine how thrilled the boys were to see Uncle Alex on TV, right?


Thomas was immediately traumatised as to why on earth Uncle Alex was shacked up in some rather different house (which is the set for the channel) with a woman who was very much not his Auntie Jo.

Gradually he overcame his grave suspicions of infidelity and we were able to watch in relative peace without him voicing concern every 12 seconds that all was not quite right in the world.

We dutifully switched our allegiances from our usual (very selectively chosen to maintain my sanity) programs and channels and started to watch Uncle Alex instead.

Turns out having a celebrity in the family has it's downside.

In supporting Uncle Alex my kids were exposed to TV shows that I'd previously avoided at all costs and pretty much immediately Eli was completely enamoured with 'In the Night Garden'.

If you're thinking 'I've never heard of that show'. First of all let me say, lucky, lucky you. (And I really, really mean it!)

Secondly let me go ahead and provide an explanation. Think Teletubbies (but without that incredibly creepy sunshine that was actually a baby), but whilst thinking teletubbies imagine slightly more drug influenced creators. (If such a thing is imaginable).

Can you picture it perfectly in your head now?

A garden world full of characters like Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, the Pontipines and the Tombliboos. That spend their time being escorted around on either the Ninky Nonk or the Pinky Ponk. (Seriously now you think you're the one that's drug influenced don't you? But alas, no, it's all true I assure you). The characters remain annoyingly almost mute but are narrated by the super calming voice of Derek Jacobi. Which just about stops my head from exploding whenever I am cruelly subjected to the show.

Where an average episode involves the Tombliboos trousers falling down followed by a aimless trip on the Ninky Nonk. The End.

Just as well the channel scriptwriters seem to have a bit of a thing for dressing Uncle Alex up as a woman (which results in his becoming his mothers twin) because the endless amount of amusement that brings me almost compensates for my In the night Garden hell.

But in the mean time at least we have the flipside that we can go on the channel website and print out our very own (if slightly disturbing looking) Uncle Alex to colour and how many kids can say that about their Uncle?

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10 lovely comments:

Science PhD Mom said...

Ah Carol, you have delighted me with the realization that we are truly extremely fortunate that my SIL's comedian act and previous acting jobs are all oriented at a grown-up audience, and we thankfully will be spared for many years the explanation of why Auntie J has a large knitted body part costume which she uses in her comic act. There are some things that just defy explanation to youngsters. Good luck getting the boys to accept the "other woman".

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Congrats to your brother-in-law! That sounds like a pretty good gig. :) Where do they come up with these crazy character names for these kids shows? I tell ya, I'm still bewildered that Yo Gabba Gabba is such a hit. Do you get that one in the UK?

Aprille - The Muddled said...

Carol, you have no idea how reassuring this post was for me. See, I need to make a confession, I find many children's shows originating in the UK... well, creepy and annoying. See I thought it was me and my uncool American sense of humor, maybe I was just missing something. I am so glad you got that out in the open - it is NOT me. pheww.

jennie w. said...

I just went over to You Tube and watched an entire episode wherein a giant farting blimp gets stuck in some trees.

My kids were riveted. Jasper was so engrossed he started to drool.

Let me just say one thing: The Ninky Nonk is no Tubbytronic Superdome.

Jennifer said...

We have a show called Yo Gabba Gabba. It's scares me! The kids like the catchy tunes and dance moves but the characters leave some desire to like.

Claire said...

Have to say. We're now loving 'Uncle Alex'. But how dare you not enjoy In the Night Garden. May I shamelessly direct you to my thoughts on the matter.

So there.

Claire said...

Eh... and may I point you in the direction of the comment you made about that post?

That is all.

Krystyn said...

Congrats to Uncle Alex. That is awesome.

We have a hard time changing our tv allegiance here, too.

Jen said...

How exciting about your brother-in-law! He looks like he was born to be on TV. That is funny about your little one's reaction. I guess it makes sense for him to be confused.

Now I have to go over to youtube and watch some of that freaky Tombliboos show. I'm sure it is way better if I was high or 2 years old but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Melissa said...

Oh my! That made me laugh so hard!

I can imagine that Kendra would be horrified to see one of her uncles with someone that is not her aunty! So confusing for a kid, eh?

Fun that they get to color pictures of Uncle Alex though! ;)