Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dear Santa.....

Halloween and Rob's birthday both behind us we enter into my territory.....


Having pulled out my Santa card on Thomas weeks ago I am gutted to admit the novelty has started to gradually wear off. Santa's all powerful gift control no longer makes my 3 year old stop in his naughty tracks. I guess naughtiness is just more alluring than gifts to this child. (Lucky me when he is older).

Last week was half term from school and Rob was away in Scotland with work so the kids and I went to stay at my mum's where I got to share bunk beds with Thomas. (I am actually thinking that bunk beds are the way forward, having returned last night and slept in my own bed I sadly missed the bunk beds. I am thinking we need some for our room. All the convenience and company of having Rob close by but without the inconvenience of his cover hogging and trampolining style turning over, maybe I'll just have to suggest it.)

Anyhow during such visit we ended up in a shop that sold toys. To which Thomas reacts by requesting one by one each and every toy on their shelves. To which I respond like I always do, "well we can't buy any right now because if we do Santa won't know what to bring you" the combination of too many late nights at nanny's house and pure greed resulted in him not being completely satisfied with that response.

Finally he was happy to buy nothing if we could write his list to Santa right away when we got back to Nanny's house, just to be sure he didn't forget anything that he really needed Santa to bring him.
So I present to you our gift lists to Santa.......

Thomas: (FYI 'mash up' is what the boys do with their dad roughly translates as wrestling)

Diego Rescue Pack
Golden Coin Maker (thank you Nickelodeon for putting this idea into his head BTW)
A Game with Monkeys
A new DVD of a stagecoach
A mash up stage
A jigsaw with an animal picture
A water squirting game
A kicker man to mash up
A mash up turtle
New pictures
New Plates
New Door
Peppa Pig Ball (Previous 5 are due to him getting slightly distracted and just naming whatever he saw as he looked around Nanny's house, he does the same thing in his prayers, very entertaining to get an inventory of his bedroom each night)
Brand new white car (which I am hoping is actually for me)
Fire shooter
Fire engine
Peppa Pig house with beds
A shop


Dora Back Pack
Diego Rescue Pack (not that he's completely obsessed or anything)

So there we have it.

So now that it is officially Christmas I am off to break out my Frank and Bing CD's and the kiddo's are watching Mickey Mouse's Once Upon a Christmas as I type.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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12 lovely comments:

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I broke out my Christmas playlists this morning-woohoo!

Melissa said...

awww! You are so lucky that you get to break out the Christmas tunes already! Curt is such a Scrooge, that I just know he'd FREAK if he heard Christmas music already! I guess I'll just have to sneak it in during the day.... :)

I love the boys' lists! SO CUTE!

Kendra is super excited for Christmas this year as well!

Allikaye's Mama said...

YES! That gets me excited! Way to go pulling out the music!!

Mama Smurf said...

We have the christmas fever over here too!

auds at barking mad! said...

I think Santa needs to start the Atkins Diet right NOW so that he can manage to get all those toys on his sleigh and not kill all the reindeer trying to lift off! *lol*

Anonymous said...

I raise my fist up in the air with a triumphant "YES!" I LOVE Christmas as well and am already listening to my music. I have been teaching Chase "Jingle Bells" so he will at least be familiar with it.

4funboys said...


I love the grandparents, especially as Christmas draws closer!

Mamasphere said...

I used to get furious when places started with Christmas before Thanksgiving. The older I get, the sooner I NEED it to start in order to get everything done, lol. Now that Halloween is over, I say bring it on! I need to pull out my Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD.

Sometimes I wish Gabi believed in Santa so I could pull the whole "He's Watching" thing. Instead I have to resort to threatening her with no prsents from ME. It's just not the same.

the rogers blog said...

I love how completely random his list is and the violent undertones!!!
I miss your boys xxx

The White House said...

I can't believe you are Christmassy already! How fun.

I have an award for you over at the White House!

Susan said...

Oh, Christmas is my favourite (notice the spelling...just for you) holiday too.
We are, fortunately, still in the stage where we can use Santa threats with no problem.
Good luck with the next 7 or so weeks of the season.

EmmaP said...

too cute! I used to tell my kids I would "call santa". Then, if they were acting up, I'd get on the phone as if I were dialing and I would pretend to have a conversation with Santa. They would usually straighten up right away, and then I'd say, "oh...never mind, Santa. It looks like [insert child's name] is going to be good now afterall. sorry to have bothered you."