Thursday, 19 February 2009

Eli Takes to the Throne

With the arrival of this weeks break in the school calendar I knew very grudgingly I had to dedicate this time to one thing and one thing only.

Potty Training Eli.

Yep, the same Eli that is unpredictable, stubborn and delights in the filth of his bodily excrement.

Coupled with morning sickness that just won't bugger off I anticipated the upcoming week with very little optimism.

Well with the exact same amount of optimism I have that David Beckham will unexpectedly turn up on my doorstep and profess he should have proposed to me in 1997 and not Victoria. After all Victoria and I do have the same maiden name of Adams and we both have brown hair so it's understandable that he could easily get confused. Yes, even though we're not officially acquainted. Because lets face it he may be an Adonis to look at but he's just not very clever.

Monday arrived and Rob left for work early. I took 800 deep breaths and got on with the task in hand.

I decided on a double pronged bribery approach coupled with Gina Ford's Potty training in one week.

We have the immediate reward of if you pee in the potty you can have a single lovely skittle to enjoy each time coupled with the longer term award of if you fill up this chart with stickers every time you pee (or poo of course) when it is full you can have that super snazzy walking talking Lightnin' McQueen you've been coveting since you spied it at Tesco. (Of course I was wise and got it half price in the January sales, cha-ching!)

Day 1 there was pee on the floor but mostly pee on the potty and he was dry all night.

Day 2 there was still some pee on the floor but again mostly pee on the potty and dry all night.

Day 3, which will be known for the rest of the time as the day Eli became my favourite child there was pee only on the potty totally unprompted by me all the day long.

Hooray! So on day number 4 I'm feeling confident and may even venture out in public.

But maybe I won't because I might miss David Beckham popping by.

Because apparently miracles of such magnitude are possible.

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18 lovely comments:

Mandy said...

We are still working on this. I hate potty training. ERRR

Claire said...

Hooray for Eli. And you! Now you cand spend the spare cash on ice cream and kettle chips that clearly the baby is craving and needs.

I'm still laughing at your comment about moring sickness not buggering off. Just the statement - not the fact that you're still unwell...

Bugger off... I love that phrase. I shall use it often today.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Woohoo!! Sounds like a pretty painless method! Congrats - to both of you!

Jen said...

Way to go on the quick potty training success. But I was sad to find out that David Beckham isn't clever. I rarely pay any attention to what he is saying so I had no idea.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hooray for Eli! That's awesome!

Oh, and maybe we're family. ;-)

jennie w. said...

Oh no Carol! Don't congratulate yourself yet. Week two is when everything falls apart and you get so fed up you just start throwing underpants away instead of cleaning them out.

Or maybe you're just the luckiest woman I've ever heard of.

Susan said...

Yay for Eli!
Austin was the same way when I potty trained him. I think he was just ready and liked the idea of being a big boy.
I wish you continued success.

Jill said...

I'll trade your 3 days for the 2 weeks it took Landon.

However-I shall sing his praises now because he is doing great and it has changed my life.

And I'm not even pregnant.
Congrats on braving the storm while nausea abounds.
I am proud of you. And Eli.

Nice work!

Laural Out Loud said...

Don't you just love it when things happen like this? I'm so glad for you!

And congrats on numero tres!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

You go Eli! So nice when it works!
And mu goodness, i missed your BIG announcement! Congrats on number three :)

Summers Family said...

May he always make it in the potty and wipe his own bum. Congrats!

Anti-Supermom said...

That and morning sickness together - what a horrible, horrible combination.

good luck~

Krystyn said...

Wait...hold old is Eli? Seriously, you rock. You must come and help me!

Threeboys1mommy said...

How exiting! What a quick study and I won't tell you what my freshly potty trained toddler started doing when his new sibling arrived because I'm sure that won't happen to you, you're going to marry Becks after all ;-)

Melissa said...

Yay for Eli! I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly!

I guess if we don't hear from you for awhile that we can just assume that Beckham came to his senses and showed up at your door step?


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

You are such a riot, Carol. You always make me laugh. Just the title of this post made me smile. And David Beckham....seriously, what was he thinking? Maybe he'll come to his senses and show up on your doorstep begging your forgiveness. I'm sure Rob would understand. haha :)

Congrats on the potty training though...I'm in the midst of that with Noah right now too. Fun stuff!

LadyFi said...

Now that is a miracle! My son has been dry for a couple of years, but he just can't wake up in the night and pees every single night.. not a dry one... have had to go back to nappies due to lack of sleep...

Jen said...

Stop by my place. I have something for you over there.