Friday, 8 January 2010

The Sleep Grinch

It would seem that my remaining loyal readers (all 6 of them), who didn't remove me from their google reader during my long sojourn in the blogging wilderness would like photographic evidence of our Libby aka little Roo, Lady May, Mayflower, Libskerino and approximately a trillion variations of each.

We're all about nicknames in the Siswick household.

So here she is:

2 weeks
10 weeks
14 weeks
Very 1st Christmas at 4 Months
She is now 4 months old (I almost accidentally put 14 months then, but that's just how long it actually feels like we've had her and how long it seems like since I had a good nights sleep) and adored slightly more each day.

She is currently a big fan of licking just about anything that gets within a tongues reach of her. Which we're hoping she outgrows before she starts school.

Oh and in response to this post. Her DNA was kind to her, no hairy back gene for Libby Mae.

Eli's on the other hand is thickening up for winter. You'd have to see it to believe it.

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18 lovely comments:

Angela said...

She is so cute and precious! My little girl does the licking thing, too :) Glad to hear she escaped the hairy back gene. Haha!

Mandy said...

She is precious! :)

Barbaloot said...

What a darling little girl:) You are your husband definitely did a good job making cute kids:)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, I just want to snuggle her up! Such a cutie. :-)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Are you serious? She is absolutely gorgeous! Yay! She is just really so pretty, Carol!!!! Lick away sister! :0)
Thanks for the pictures! That made me happy!!!

Krystyn said...

Thanks for finally showing her off. What a beautiful little girl with a great smile.

Patrice said...

She is precious! :) Happy for her that she escaped the hairy back gene! lol Glad she's been a great addition to your family!

Jen said...

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! So glad to finally meet her! :)

EmmaP said...

Adorable! She looks like she belongs to you ;)

and I hear ya about the back hair. we called my oldest a monkey for forever. seriously!

Melissa said...

She's adorable! Sorry she's not a great sleeper though! :( I know how much you like your sleep!

Yay for no hairy back gene!! hehehe!

Oh, and I too hope she out grows the licking thing as well. :p

I've been on a bit of a blogger holiday as well. Nothing wrong with that. Sorry you had to lose some readers though. that would make me sad.... :(

Claire said...

I need pics to prove the hairiness.

Tyne said...

Will you please post more often? She is too precious. And we need some updates on the boys too. I bet they are nearly college bound now?

Kristy said...

Carol -

This is Ivy - Congrats on the new little bundle of Joy (4 months ago)! Your kids are growing up and very cute. It is great to see pictures of your family and remember the good times we had in good ole England. I wish you the best in 2010 and think of me tonight while I am fast asleep and you are awake all night with a crying baby - Dont forget that you love them even at 3:00 am!!!

Talk to you later - Ivy

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Love those dimples!!! Such a cutie! Now you just need to add her picture to your sidebar. :)

AMY said...

So glad she didn't get the hairy gene! Good news for her indeed! I can't believe she is 4 months (it's so easy to say that when I'm not the one losing the sleep for those 4 months!)

Wendi said...

At this moment I am most grateful that my tubes are tied because I feel the need to have a baby.

Three words:
A. dor. able.

the rogers blog said...

I thought I'd check your blog to see how you are all doing. That little princess is gorgeous. Its a good job I'm 6,500 miles away cos otherwise I'd be steeling her!! Lucas also sleeps the same way Eli did in the pic you posted. Whatever works right! Miss you! Lis x

Heidi said...

That one looks just like you. All Spanish goddess, no English rose. Simply beautiful!