Sunday, 10 August 2008

Randomly Me

Jennie at Beehive and Bird's Nest tagged me to share six random things about myself.

Oh goodness, only 6?

Then I got to worrying about how random they really needed to be.

Random but informative?

Random but amusing?

Or Random to the point you think (most probably justifiably) that I am a crazy person?

Well I shall have to let you be the judge of that.

Here goes (I am embarrassed already BTW):

1. Christmas.
I LOVE Christmas. I really, really love it. As soon as the temperatures begin to drop (so that is pretty much any day here) and the evenings get gradually darker I start feeling it, the good old Christmas spirit. Rob (aka The Grinch, though he has vastly increased in Christmas enthusiasm since we had kids) has me on a Christmas curfew. I am not allowed to make plans or mention said holiday until after his birthday on October 19th. When October 20th hits I am finally allowed to let the Christmas in. I have been known to eagerly crack out my Bing & Frank CD's that early. But in general I am not a fan of Winter and so Christmas is an incredibly welcome distraction from all the gloom and incessant rain going on outside. Plus gifts and the fact that it is completely acceptable to eat your own body weight in chocolate are rather lovely perks also.

2. I cannot whistle, do handstands or cartwheels, roll my tongue and to top it all off I have horrific balance.

I was simply not assembled correctly. I completely blame my parents. They probably owe me hefty amounts of compensation for the embarrassment my lack of these fundamental life skills has caused me my entire life. Maybe I'll look into that.....

3. I cry when I laugh.

Not just a tear or two either but a full on cascade of tears that would push any waterproof mascara to it's limits. I don't even need to be laughing at anything particularly funny, even mildly amusing set the tears a-flowing. A tear streaked face is not an attractive look, it is a wonder that anyone ever consented to marry me.

4. I like Cricket.

This is something that has come as a surprise even to me. Rob loves cricket (and pretty much every other sport in existence) and so living in the same house and the fact that some of these matches go on for 4 long days I have been exposed to more cricket than most women could bear.

But instead of complaining (which was obviously my first instinct) I figured that I may as well embrace the cricket and at least attempt to understand it. After asking Rob the very same questions at least 40 times I now have a pretty sound general understanding of what is going on. In fact I can be found watching it when Rob isn't even home, but then truly anything is an improvement on Max and Ruby.

Though the fact that cricket players no longer look like this

but instead more like this has really aided my concentration.

5. I have never voted

I haven't 'tis true but now at the grand old age of 32 (will it ever become less painful to type those numbers in reference to myself?) 14 entire years since I have been of age to vote I have had a political awakening. The cause of this awakening you may wonder? Well nothing less than a combination of Robert McAllister from Brothers & Sisters and the current American Presidential Election. So next time the opportunity arises here I shall indeed be voting and hopefully that will be the end of Gordon Brown.

6. Post shower or bath I dry myself with hairdryer

I don't know when I started doing this and it is not a fact I freely share. Well until now when I shared it with the universe. I love baths, the hotter the better. We sadly don't have a bath in our current house but we do have a super whooshy shower. There is nothing worse (maybe that's a little dramatic) than leaving a hot bath or shower. No matter how hot your house is you always feel really cold. I detest being cold. I feel cheated that of all warm places on earth God could have sent me to dwell he sent me here to England where if we have 30 sunny days out of 365 we regard it a pretty good year. Pah! So to rectify the coldness post showering I warm myself thoroughly with my hair dryer.

I highly recommend it, honestly.

So now that I have fully exposed myself you had better comment before I end up in a corner in the foetal position wondering why oh why I had to be so honest!

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32 lovely comments:

Dana said...

You can come stay with me any time, you may just get your fill of warmth! I have left you an invite to my dinner party over at my place, and I'd be honored if you'd join me.

Claire said...

A hairdryer!? As soon as i'm out of a hot bath, I have to sit in front of the fan to cool my ass down! And Christmas?! I hate christmas. Carol, I think it's best that we terminate our friendship... we're just too different haha.

Chelle said...

I love Christmas, too--and my husband has been nicknamed the Grinch for so long. I even bought him a little Grinch Christmas tree decoration :)
That's too funny about the hair dryer! Hot showers and baths are the BEST, I agree.

Patrice said...

lol! This is too funny. I'm glad we had the chance to learn more about you! The hairdryer thing is brillaint! Why didn't I ever think of that? I'm always freezing post shower! This is perfect.. thank you!!!

jOni lAnE said...

Those were great random facts! I felt very entertained, and now feel as if I know you that much better! I too am a laugh/cryer. I tend to resemble someone of Chinese heritage when I laugh as well. And if you really get me going, it turns into silent laughing with only the shrugging of my shoulders to suggest I'm still alive.

duchess said...

Oh, that's a lot of information but I've learned some things.....
I must find a way to watch Cricket and I'll have to try the hairdryer trick.
Thanks for sharing.

Simply Shannon said...

I just love that you dry off witha hair dryer! I would never, ever have thought of that.

Jen said...

Hello cute cricket player!! He really needs to come over to my place for Friday Eye Candy--SOON (hint, hint--send me your list).

I hate Christmas (not Jesus, just all the shopping which I'm thinking Jesus wouldn't like either). But you give some valid arguments to maybe tolerating it this year (especially the chocolate part).

THopgood said...

I'm also a Christmas holiday freak. But in H-A-T-E.. winters. Our Michigan winters start in October and don't end till May! I like a white Christmas but then I just want it all to go away!

It's the only time of year that my shopping habits are justified.

Kelli said...

Hmmmm...I may have to take up Cricket. haha! And I do the hairdryer thing too in the winter...I am not a fan of the cold. And of course, you already knew about my cartwheel disability. It includes handstands too. :)

Angelique said...

I LOVE Christmas too! For the same reason, exactly. I'm not a fan of winter, even though we have very mild winters here. But Christmas makes it SO worth it.

And you won't believe me but I'll tell you anyway - I used to use the blowdryer to dry myself after getting out of the bath/shower. I really always chalked it up to my OCD tendencies, and everyone in a while if my dryer is handy I'll dry off a couple of drops with it!

We are kindred spirits for sure!

Anonymous said...

good job on your Random-isms! (i cry if I laugh too hard as well)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Next time I get chilly after I step out of the shower, I'll try your little trick!

And I have the same problem when I laugh. Try Blinc mascara. It works wonders for us laugher/criers!

Jenny said...

xmas is one of my fav holidays too! very interesting things about you.
i thought it was pretty funny that you use a hair dryer but hey...guess it saves you from having to wash a towel?!

jennie w. said...

I'm a laugh cryer too (and a silent-shoulder-shaker). But it takes a lot to make me laugh, so it's not a huge problem.

Not the hugest Christmas fan. If you're looking for a really interesting movie, rent "What would Jesus Buy". It's a documentary all about the materialism of Christmas. So interesting!!! It's hard to find, though, so you'll have to rent it at Netflix or something.

Lauren W said...

I love learning fun facts about people :)
I find that I enjoy Cricket as well, although, being in the states, it's not exactly on tv a ton... but when I do see it, I like it.

Vashey Fam said...

Oh how can you deal without having a bath? That is one of my favorite things even down here in hot, hot Texas! Christmas is such a special time! I start cracking out the Bing Crosby and Charlie Brown Christmas before Halloween. I even brought those along to the hospital in March to listen during labor and "yes" labor was awful but "no" it didn't ruin them for me!

Blessings From Above said...

Ok, I have never watched Cricket...but seeing the players, may just be the incentive I need!

I love this are so funny!!! :)

Mamasphere said...

I can't believe you dry yourself with a hairdryer! Who knows- maybe I've been missing out my whole life. I'll give it a try, lol.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

We could totally celebrate Christmas early--my husband had all my christmas cds (pretty sure I have ALL of them) and dvds are not allowed until after Halloween and then my grinch complains til Thanksgiving. When it was really hot, i played some Christmas tunes off my ipod just to feel cooler ;)

Neat facts!

The Rogers Blog said...

I can't believe I lived with you for so long and I never knew you dried yourself with a hair dryer. Well actually how would I know considdering that would have meant seeing you naked. We are close but not that close love!! But points for originality. Who would have thought that would be an effective way to dry yourself. And actually it makes me want to give it a whirl!! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!!

Melissa said...

Having the same birthday is not all that we have in common, I see!

I must give the hairdryer thing a try! I've never even thought of trying that!

I also love Christmas to the point of driving my own Grinch insane!

I've never voted.

I have no sense of balance and absolutely no skills at any kind of sport. (I can whistle and roll my tongue though.)

I tear up when I laugh, but have only cried while laughing just a few times.

So, see, our birthday isn't the only thing we share! :D

I loved having this little peak at who you are!

AMY said...

I can think of a few more random things I know about you...but I don't think you want the universe to know! Were you doing the blow dryer thing on your mission? Is that what took you forever in the bathroom?

Clare said...

OK, cricket players are HOT, do they ever show it on TV?? I will need to watch soon! luv the hairdryer...have to try that this winter. i HATE to be cold too! XO, Clare

anti-supermom said...

I use to use my hair dryer to dry off too - before bedtime showers (since I now have no time to shower in the AM). Funny enough, I didn't think it was wierd, so your not either ;)

Wendi said...

I loved this little speed dating session...I always love learning these little known facts about people.
A hair dryer...really?

dawnie said...

how have i never know about your random hair dryer routine!!!
i'm glad your a ragdoll makes me feel a bit more normal.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Christmas is banned her til Halloween but I still sneak in a few songs on the iphone--I can. not. help. it.
Christmas is just the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I love your answers. I think we have lots in common.
I am crazy about Christmas too. Matter of fact, I get to listen to Christmas music in August because I do a kids musical at church and this is the month I get to pick out the one I want. (Listened to several tunes today, in fact). I love hot showers too. Hair dryer would add a nice touch. Last but not least, my favorite dog was named Cricket. Maybe not the same but I can declare like you that I love Cricket!

Ashley (Sweethearts) said...

You have just made my day. I really honestly thought that I was the only human being in the whole entire world that couldnt whistle. I can die a happy person now. lol

Ashley (Sweethearts) said...

P.S. I live in Texas, the hottest place on Earth. Come visit anywhere from January 3rd to December 31st and its hot enough to wear shorts and flip flops. haha (true story, I wore shorts on Christmas 2 years ago) I've never even seen snow. Ever. Sad huh?

And I also share your love of Christmas. Its just so cheery and joyful. Im probably THE most annoying person ever from October-December.

Tiffany said...

LOVE the hairdryer idea!

I also LOVE the show Brothers and Sisters - so good to just see the words Robert McAllister written on your blog - I cannot wait until it is back on for the new season! Glad it has motivated you to vote - maybe you can help me decide who to vote for in this absolutely crazy election we are in the middle of - I am at a complete loss!

Oh and I think maybe I will start watching Cricket too!