Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Best Invention Ever

I know what you're thinking how could I ever possibly single out one individual invention and give it the high acclaim of being the best invention ever?

It's true I'll admit there are a gazillion and one inventions that have improved my life immeasurably and if I have to endure another old lady at church telling me the tale of how easy life is these days for us mothers because back in her day there were no washing machines and they had to wash their clothes laboriously by hand and blah, blah, blah and so on I swear I think I will honestly spontaneously combust.

Yes I get it. I do. Life was immensely harder a generation or two ago but in those days they didn't have to contend with kids high on sugar or who knows what else that is contained in every item my child actually wants to eat without putting up a fight that has them bouncing off the walls from time to time.

Old ladies my life is hard too! Yes I have indoor plumbing and 3 televisions (2 of which we have lost the remotes for, now that is true hardship) in my house. But even these blessings come with their own disadvantages. Cleaning up pee residue left by boys and having to endure Max & Ruby is no walk in the park either I'll have you know.

Anyhow back to the point. Best invention ever?


Baby Wipes.

Now I had been considering this post for a while and then for 6 days our hot water boiler was broken and on day 1 I almost convinced myself that hot water totally eclipses baby wipes at the top of my best ever invention list.

For 6 long days we were showerless (unless we wanted to risk hypothermia) I had actually been sick so I hadn't showered for a day or two before that. I'm disgusting, I know! We had to resort to icy cold washes and washing my hair in the cold shower bent over double. It was so cold I had to come up with the ingenious idea of using my shampoo and conditioner simultaneously (apply shampoo get the bubbles bubbling then add a generous slathering of conditioner on top of the bubbles then rinse but do not repeat as needed in case you're wondering). It may not have been the best care for my hair by far but it vastly reduced my scalps exposure to the icy cold water spray.

My head is currently still thawing thanks for asking.

You know what got me through our hot water famine?

Baby wipes.

I for sure was never gonna expose my body to a subzero showering experience and baby wipes saved the day. They and they alone made me acceptable to be out in public.

Baby wipes have entirely revolutionised my life. There is truly no end to the uses these handy wipes have. I use mine for everything and anything.

Cleaning poo? Check.
Cleaning baby vomit? Check.
Cleaning toys? Check.
Cleaning windows? Check.
Dusting? Check.
Cleaning inside of my car? (thanks Rob) Check.
Cleaning leather sofa? Check.
Cleaning laminate floor? Check.
Cleaning all surfaces? Check.
Cleaning poop art of the walls? Check.
Cleaning the bathroom? Check.
Removing my make up when I am too bone lazy to take 8 steps to the bathroom? Check.
Styling my kids hair? check.

When Thomas was smaller and had somewhat crazy hair (though perfectly tame hair in comparison to Eli) we didn't wet and brush his unruly locks we baby wiped them into place and it worked a treat, honestly!
The multipurpose nature of the baby wipe has not passed my oldest child by. Recently I was off elsewhere baby wiping something clean no doubt and on my return I saw this sitting on the sofa watching Peter Pan. On enquiring what on earth was going on he replied:

"Well my feet hurt mummy and the baby wipes are fixing them."

See, absolutely no end to their uses. Though I haven't tried them out personally for hurting feet Thomas assures me they are very effective.

Now if the old ladies wanna spin me a tale about how tough life was without baby wipes that is one I am willing to listen to over and over (without fear of spontaneous combustion) because life without my baby wipes is completely unimaginable for me.

I'm telling you Best. Invention. Ever!
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34 lovely comments:

Melissa Wollman said...

LOL! I do agree though!

Simply Shannon said...

So true!
Ciara has been obsessed with them her entire life. I have pictures of her carrying them around when she was still crawling.
Blankie? Stuffed animal? Not my kid, just give her a wipe and she's a happy girl(Well ok, she's sinced discovered the joy of blankets and stuffed animals, but she still loves the wipes).
Aside from the fact that my child can't get enough of them, I too would be lost without their magical powers. Those things will clean anything.

Mrs Wilson said...

I second this.

Even I use baby wipes, though I have no children and a hygenic husband.

I get seriously irritated when I go into the bathroom to find that someone has left them open to dry out and/or somehow broken the lid to the tub o' wipes so that now I have to keep the air freshener on top of the said wipes so they don't get dried out.

i HATE dried out wipes.

Angelique said...

I totally agree! I use baby wipes for everything around here. They clean better than a wet rag anyday!

Claire said...

I'm glad you're championing the cause of the humble baby wipe. Too long it has been used, and not fully appreciated. I for one and quite fond of the Huggies wipes - they just seem more robust. I also tend to use one singular wipe for multiple uses. Child's face, then hands, then t-shirt, then floor. All one wipe. Never to be done in reverse order.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love baby wipes too! And even though we are past the diapers phase in our lives, I'm still buying them!

Hven't tried them on hair yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Mandy said...

Agreed. :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

You know what--I totally agree. They can also take make up off clothes :)

Dana said...

Ok, it kills me that you have a picture of Thomas with the best invention ever, and in the background, the worst and biggest waste of money ever- those plastic golf clubs.
Hunter received a set of those for his birthday when he turned 2. The wheels on the "bag" fell off the first day, and the clubs themselves fell apart on about the 2nd day. Maybe I just have a really rough child, I don't know.....

Marla said...

do tell... what brand do think does the best... i have a hard time getting over the smell of some of them...

Aprille - The Muddled said...

also fabulous for cleaning off trainers (thank you to american mum for translating tennis shoes to english for me) and getting them to look all sparkly

Wendi said...

I must agree.
I thought I was the only person in the world that cleaned with those things.
I find they clean baseboards, walls, toys, hands, faces, door jams, vinyl floors,and in the grooves of things.
I keep a box in each bathroom,
a box in my car, and a box with my cleaning supplies.
Life without wipes would be unbearable!

Anonymous said...

you are sooooooo RIGHT.ON. I actually have a tubbie of wipes in my kitchen, and I spray the counters with bleach- wipe it down with wipie, spray the table with lysol-wipe it down with wipie, spray the furniture with pledge- wipe it down with's the BEST MULTI-purpose invention ever.

Jen said...

I haven't bought baby wipes for years and your post actually makes me miss having them around. Love the feet picture. Too funny.

I'm glad you are going to take part in the challenge, even if it is just as a cheerleader. :)

Kristen said...

That is too funny Carol! And can I tell you that I totally agree. Seriously, even when there are no kids in diapers, I will be buying those baby wipes. They make cleaning the bathroom so fast!!

And the picture of the baby wipes fixing his feet......priceless!!!!

3boys247 said...

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding this weekend and your post reminded me of the windex references. Too funny.

I cleaned out Hayden's closet and found the jumbo box (from Sam's) of wipes. I was thinking of giving them away, but now I think I will clean the house.

Mandy said...

I gave you an award. :)

The Rogers Blog said...

Yey I'm finally back in touch with the world!! We got the internet connected yesterday so I'm very happy that I can speak to you again.
So I read your best invention blog and I have one that trumps baby wipes. Try not having a sofa to rest your weary bum on for like 2 weeks!! I'm sick of sittin on the floor!! My back hurts, my bum hurts!! Will get one soon though!!
Has dawnie got herself a blog yet. She said she was workin on it. xxx

The Rogers Blog said...

I put some pics of your kids on my blog honey xx

amanda said...

baby wipes fix feet??

who knew :)

such a sweet picture!

Tiffany said...

Amen to that - Did you know that they actually take stains out of clothes too - I have gotten out the stubbornest of stains with baby wipes - It takes some time and patience but it works.

Hopefully you are thawing out!

Krystyn said...

I'm pretty sure I will continue to carry them until my kids are in high school...there really are a million uses.

Diane said...

Baby wipes are indeed the very best invention. I know this is totally gross, but my kids will chew on them too. Sometimes when I'm changing them, the only thing that will keep them still long enough for me to finish is handing them a wipe. Gross? Yes. But far less gross than poop all over the place because they won't sit still through a change.

Clare said...

you are so right, baby wipes are the best! you can use them to wipe up everything, and I even used them as kleenexes for bradley. For some reason he didn't mind blowing into those and hated regular kleenex, go figure! lol! clare

Becks said...

I use the wipes to style my little girls hair too, I thought I was the only who did this!! I dont feel so bad anymore!

Has anyone ever told you that your husband resembles Jason Biggs from American Pie? I hope this doesn't annoy the hell out of you for me saying that! I kind of have a problem thinking everyone looks like someone. I am hopeless.

Leslie said...

You've absolutely got that right! I too love wipes. They are handy for just about everything.

4under3 said...

I'm with ya sista!

I love wipes too, and have used them time and time again for styling the little ones' hair.

But as for taking a shower every couple of days...girl, I got you by a long shot on that one. I consider myself a very hygienically appropriate chick and still am known to go 3 or 4 days without showering.

Do you hate me?
Or, can we still be friends?

anti-supermom said...

Can you believe people actually make their own baby wipes - my goodness people, they are the cheapest, best thing ever. You are so right (and probably smell like a baby)

alisha said...

I have also seen them work quite handsomely as pacifiers in church. Apparently the mother didn't seem to mind that her children were sucking down toxins-hey at least they were being quiet.

Kelli said...

I'd have to agree. I love me some baby wipes!

This post reminded me of the father and his Windex in that movie, "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding." I'm sure he showered using Windex. hahaha

KElly said...

great post, and long too! Thanks for all the effort that goes into these long posts!

Definitely worthy of Word of Mouth Monday don't cha think!?

AMY said...

ditto that! I use them for everything (well except to do hair - that's all yours!)

Chelle said...

Oh, sweetie, I totally agree.
They were a hot commodity over in Iraq when I was there.

LiteralDan said...

I guess I've always taken them for granted, but you know, I think my life would be more than a little empty without these noble wipes.

Thanks for shining the light of appreciation into my life-- I will go bow down and thank them right now!