Thursday, 18 December 2008

Well That Flew by!

Dear Friends & Family,

We decided this year to be responsible and do our part for the environment and not send out Christmas cards to our loved ones and to try this approach instead. Well, really we're just incredibly lazy and disorganised but you probably knew that already.

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2008 started on a massive high for us. Having one child master potty training over the Christmas break left us feeling the world was indeed our oyster. It is amazing how those little things really make a truly enormous difference. At the end of January Thomas turned 3 and it really has been a delightful age for him, mostly.

In February Rob was able to go to France for his 3rd annual snowboarding trip. Carol once again stayed home with the kids (and her mum). Carol incidentally is adding up all these snowboarding days and when it gets to a number she is happy with will get her own back and take a trip of her own, without either kids or husband, with just chocolate and books for company somewhere very warm and blissfully quiet.

In April we celebrated our 5th anniversary and wondered at where the time had gone.

It was also all change at church for us. Rob finally got released from his calling in the Young Men's program which he'd been involved in pretty much since we got married, so Carol finally got her husband back on Tuesday nights. Rob is now teaching the youth Sunday School class. Carol got released from her calling on the Relief Society Presidency (women's organisation) after a 3 year stint and was called to be the Primary President. A challenge she quickly grew to enjoy.

Also April saw our family grow by 4 fish. One has since passed away but we remain astounded (and a little bit impressed with ourselves) that we have managed to keep the remaining 3 alive so long.

In May our baby Eli turned two. May also saw Carol and Thomas endure an overnight stay at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary due to Thomas breaking his radius and Ulna driving a car down a slide. We hear these things are only to be expected when you have sons. We feel sure this isn't the last of our trips to Accident and Emergency.

In July we enjoyed a family holiday in Wales with 23 lovely folks from the Siswick side of the family. The sun obviously does shine on the righteous because it turned out to be the loveliest week of the whole summer.

Having waved farewell to playgroup in July (where he had been attending thrice weekly for the previous 9 months) in September Thomas started at Nursery School and absolutely loves spending his afternoons there. We also had a pleasant surprise when Playgroup called to offer Eli an early starter place rather than him wait until January and he now attends two mornings. All the workers adore him and we have had several offers to take him off our hands. Occasionally we have been tempted to agree.

Rob keeps busy at work with Velux and continues to take advantage of managing his own time and the perks that allows. He has been playing football in a fair play league based in Sheffield and as they had a break in fixtures for Christmas his team 'Yorkshire New Saints' were top of the league.

Carol keeps busy with the boys and is constantly entertained by their antics and enthusiasm for life. She is a bit concerned that maybe she now loves The Backyardigans more than the children.

Thomas loves his weekly football training with the West End Under 5's and loves being a Huddersfield Town season ticket holder along with his dad, grandad and Uncle Phil. He is getting big so quick, has recently mastered writing his name and we are constantly amazed at the wisdom and knowledge that pours out of his constantly moving mouth. He starts attending Primary at Church in the new year and is thrilled to officially be a big boy.

Eli still loves his penguin more than anything in the world and 2008 saw him slowly gnaw the poor diseased looking birds beak off. He still likes to entertain us at any opportunity and gives the best hugs ever. He recently moved from his cot to a bed and did so far more smoothly than we ever imagined. We love hearing his little prayers each day and other Eli-isms.

We are already enjoying the Christmas Season and seeing the boys buzzing with anticipation is wonderful.

2008 has been good to us.

We hope it has been good to you too!

With love,

The Siswicks
Rob, Carol, Thomas & Eli

15 lovely comments:

Barbaloot said...

What a lovely card. I'm considering myself quite special for having "received" one.

Melissa said...

The Siswicks have had a very busy year, that's for sure! :o)

Merry Christmas, my dear, darling friend!

Anonymous said...

oh wow.

I know exactly how you feel!!! We did the same thing;-)

Tom, Sarah and Bevan said...

I'm doing that this year too, apart from to people like my dad who can't work the remote for the TV, let alone access our blog!!

Have a good one:)

alisha said...

the game that my brother hasn't opened yet is The Office. Andy and I have all the seasons on DVD and are currently waiting for season five to come out.

We were wondering if the British version is any good (funny question I know) of course it is good, it is British.


Mama Smurf said...

Merry Christmas!

That was fun to read.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That's a great letter!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

The White House said...

I love your Christmas letter, and what is more fun... I know what the hyperlinks are, but I didn't have to click on them b/c I am a blog stalker. I wonder what your friends and family, that don't know about hyperlinks, think about blog stalking?

Bebe said...

I loved your little Christmas Letter. And I don't even know you! Your family is adorable. Merry Christmas!

Claire said...

Aw... poor penguin. Hope you all have a nice christmas, and that Eli's penguin will get used to his new look.

Lauren Halpaus said...

Merry Christmas Carol! You have such a beautiful family....and what a wonderful Christmas card. Wishing you and your family much health and happiness (and hopefully something that wears lots of pink) in 2009!

Science PhD Mom said...

Lovely Christmas letter! Hope you have a lovely Christmas break!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

This was great! I love the card and the letter.

Krystyn said...

Merry Christmas.

What a nice card and letter. I'm planning the same thing...I just don't know if I will post it on my blog, too!

Lauren said...

What a great letter! Thanks for sending me the link. Merry merry!