Saturday, 5 April 2008

Our Family Just Grew by Two Fish

Following my previous post we decided to take the plunge and invest in a relatively hassle free pet for the boys. Thomas was so excited when Rob told him we were gonna go get some pet fish "Yeah let's go to Tesco Dad!" (Only confirming he really doesn't realise the fish at Tesco are dead and destined for a future only in someones belly.) So we went out and got our 'Spongebob Square Tank' from the pet shop, set it up and had to wait overnight for the water to mature. We explained to Thomas that he had to choose a name for his fish, his reply? "Pet Fish".
We further explained that it would be a pet fish but it still needed an actual name, his reply? "Pet Fish".
We explained even further still how Nanny has a pet dog but his name is Max and they don't just call him pet dog, looooooooonnng pause, then his reply, "Pet Fish!".
We decided to wait until the next day before attempting to choose a name again because the boy obviously wasn't open to negotiations.

The next day he had realised that 'Pet Fish' wasn't the best choice of name after all, now instead he wanted to call the poor unsuspecting fish 'Pet Parrot'. Anyhow we went to buy our fish, Thomas got a white one with red spots and Eli got a grey one with multicoloured spots (I am telling you this because you can't see in the photo, apparently fish aren't all that bothered about maximising photo opportunities and prefer to hide in the plastic plants in their tank instead).

Once our new additions were happily settled in their new home we asked Thomas again what he'd like to name his fish. He now wanted to name his fish 'Red' and Eli's fish 'Black', I could have settled for that but Rob suggested calling them 'Spongebob' and 'Patrick'. They were after all residing in 'Bikini Bottom' so it seemed fitting.

Plus Rob got to name them what he secretly hoped Thomas would all along.

2 lovely comments:

A M Y said...

Congrats on Spongebob and Patrick. My kids are dying for a pet. Let me know how the fish go...

Cami said...

That's a cute story! No pets for us yet either, fish might work since Aaron is allergic to animal fur. I'll let you know if I ever attempt this one!