Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Penguin Junkie

This is Gee-Gee (that is Eli language for penguin). My mum gave Eli Gee-Gee number one not long after he was born. A freebie courtesy of those lovely people at 'Comfort' at the time of the release of 'Happy Feet' at the cinema. Eli took a liking to his little buddy straight away. Gee-Gee went everywhere Eli did. When he crawled he carried Gee-Gee by putting his leathery beak in his mouth and clasping it with his teeth, which also enabled him some hands free playtime. When he was tired he rubbed Gee-Gee's beak on his face beside his nose and under his eye. My mum saw how attached he was to his penguin pal so called the nice people at 'Comfort' and requested another freebie. So, then there were two. Which meant Gee-Gee number one could have a long overdue bath (saliva takes it's toll eventually) in the washing machine while his owner looked on with grave concern whilst clutching Gee-Gee number two! After we had two they just kept coming, ladies at church gave them to him and soon we had a waddle (Thank you Wikipedia!) of penguins in our home. Occasionally we'd lose one and I've have to go back to the supermarket and ask if anyone had handed in a diseased looking penguin. Eventually I realised if I let him take the scabbiest looking one out in public and we lost it we still had a plethora of them back at home so no big deal.Then one day my mum came with this Gee-Gee, this one was a freebie from those lovely people at 'Persil' when Happy Feet was released. This one was far cuter so my mum had initially kept it for herself (selfish I know!). Before long Eli realised the benefits of a fuller figured Gee-Gee and now vastly prefers this one and his identical twin which was also kindly donated to our penguin refuge.
This is our waddle of penguins. Several are currently MIA, which means I left them at Tesco or at Church or really just about anywhere, but think five is sufficient for any household.
One boy and his Gee-Gee! When he's tired he asks for Gee-Gee, when he's upset he asks for Gee-Gee. Thomas did adopt a disgusting looking bear for about 3 hours and called it his Goo-Goo, thank goodness it never continued.
At bedtime he sleeps with them all. He likes best to fall asleep with them all on his face whilst making a noise that I can only describe as pure ecstasy! (Please note Penguin blanket and larger but far less favourable penguin in the top left corner). When I say Junkie I mean it!
When you're one of Eli's favourite people you get the added bonus of 'Gee-Gee love' this is where he makes you hold Gee-Gee by his beak in your mouth and then he leans on the penguin and moans. It is a tad disturbing and I'm not particularly thrilled to have to put a penguins beak in my mouth that has been in several other peoples mouths! But that's the price you pay for being one of the penguin junkie's favourite people!

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Heidi said...

I love that little Eli. He's nothing like you, is he?

Maybe you could use hand sanitizer on the beaks? It seems there are plenty of people carrying it around your area these days. . .