Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Tragedy

You know how I pretended to be on blogging strike (when really Rob just took the laptop to Scotland on business) because I wasn't happy with my visit:comment ratio?

I don't know what it is exactly but receiving comments about the random contents of my brain that I somehow manage to form into text on my blog makes me feel verified as a human being, not to mention totally super giddy with excitement.

So Rob finally finished his notice period (no more sleeping in for him!) of his last job on Friday and had to return his car, computer, printer and all that great stuff we take for granted to head office.

Do you know what that means? No Internet at home.

Well actually only until Monday.

I actually felt like a junkie going cold turkey. Rob too (fortunately) has been feeling the wrench of being disconnected so I don't feel quite so tragic. (Though I do still feel slightly tragic which I think is justified.)

So we went to visit the in laws this afternoon and pick up my car. Now that Rob's old company car has been returned he is driving the new company car (which I blissfully enjoyed for two weeks) and I am now back to my oil leaking crappy excuse for a car, but a car is a car. It gets me where I need to be and fingers crossed that will long continue.

So while we were at the in laws the family PC was calling me from the computer room, 'Come check your blog, you know there will be comments....' I couldn't resist. (I am only human!) I went on in and logged in.

14 comments. (Yay!!)

Somehow a combination of my incapability in mouse operation (that's what 2 years of laptop only computer contact will do to you)) and sheer panic that Rob would catch me getting my blog fix and mock me endlessly (it had after all been only 36 hours) resulted in a disaster.

I deleted 5 of the lovely comments.

So if you were kind enough to comment on my Game, Set & Match post don't think that during comment moderation I deleted your comment because it was not appreciated.

It was simply deleted because I am a imbecile.

Thanks for your comments whoever you were/are.

If you're wondering how I am managing to post this post without Internet access I am actually high jacking a computer at this moment in time.

As for any other posts over the weekend they were posted utilising the handy scheduled post thingy that blogger kindly does for you.

I love blogger.

7 lovely comments:

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Carol, you are hilarious! Yes, there is a thing called blog addiction, and yes, I am looking for Bloggers Anonymous. Yay for getting the internet back on Monday!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean. One of my keys on my laptop got ripped off by the baby and I am suffering because I don't want to part with blogging--I could use my iPhone but truth be told, it's a pain blogging on that :)
And I totally do stuff like deleting random comments--don't mean to :)

McMommy said...

Only a few more hours......until you are back, baby!!! Who-hoo!!!

Jodi said...

I stumbled on your blog and love it. You have a great template too!

Heidi said...

We recently got WIRELESS internet and it has changed my life. Seriously changed my life.

Look at me, blogging from my kitchen! Look at me, blogging in the toy room!
Look at me, blogging in the back yard!

Seriously, it's awesome.

Vashey Fam said...

My husband makes fun of my blogging too! But it does seem to validate and make you feel less lonely being at home. I like how it gives you that extra peek behind closed doors and inner thoughts that probably would get overlooked. Wyatt (15 months) has yet to make "poo art" scares me to death!

Wendi said...

I remember commenting.

My comment is NOT there.

I was one of the five.


Because I have no idea what I wrote.

I feel sure it was fabulous and witty.

We shall never know.