Saturday, 12 April 2008

Anniversary Tag

It seems very fitting indeed that my lovely friends The Limburgs would tag me to do this post on our 5th wedding anniversary. I'm grateful as I glance out of the window that we got married five years ago and not today, five years ago it was a sunny Spring day, today it is just another rainy day like every other day around here. I wish I could say that five years on I still look that rested and serene, but sadly I can't say that thanks to my two very delightful little terrors combined with five years of ageing. (Yes, I admit to having to pluck out the occasional grey hair at the very youthful age of 32!) Rob on the other hand looks pretty much the same just usually far less clean shaven.

Anyhow here it is:

Our names: Carol and Rob

1.How long have we been married? 5 years to the very day!

2.How long did we date? Overall 2 years and 4 months including a brief respite while Rob had to come to the realisation how lucky he was to have me.

3. How old are we? We all know I robbed the cradle, let's not do the numbers.

4. Where does he work? He works as an Area Account Manager for Velux (the roof window people) which he loves (and I do too except when he has to take the laptop with him while he is away and I have no way to update my blog!) but claims I don't really understand, but how much is there really to understand about windows?

5. Who is taller? Me by an inch, well at least until the osteoporosis kicks in anyhow.

6. Who eats more? Definitely Rob unless I am pregnant and then I could probably eat Rob I am so famished!

7. Who said I love you first? Definitely Rob.

8. Who mows the lawn? We have no grass in our garden but if we did it would definitely be Rob's job, sounds far too strenuous for me to even attempt.

9. Who sings better? I'd say we were about even, he would probably say me.

10. Who does the laundry? 99.5% me, he will put his muddy football kit in from time to time though so he definitely is capable. But if he did more then what would I do on Tuesdays with all the time I generally dedicate to my laundry mountain!

11. Who does the dishes? I wish I could say the dishwasher but we don't have one anymore. So I do the dishes in the daytime and he does them after dinner.

12. Who pays the bills? Mostly Rob, but then he earns most of the money so it's just out of convenience.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Currently Rob but we have swapped from time to time. He jokes at the mo that he sleeps on the right because it's furthest from the door and if anyone broke in they'd steal me first. That's comforting!

14. Who cooks dinner? Me, Rob's interpretation of cooking dinner involves calling out for Chinese or Indian food or a speedy trip to KFC.

15. Who is more stubborn? 100% Rob (which sadly Eli inherited).

16. Whose parents do we see most? Without doubt Rob's parents, they live only 5 minutes away and my parents live 75 minutes away.

17. Who proposed? Rob again......he seems to be monopolising all the good answers, so far I just get the bonus of being tall and doing the laundry! Lucky me!

18. Who has more siblings? That would be Rob again....he's one of 6. I am one of 1 but I do have a couple of half-siblings. But that doesn't count really.

19. Who has most friends? That's a tricky one. I'd say it was too close to call we're probably just about even.

20. Who wears the pants? We're both far too laid back to really ever care.

So there you have it! I tag Amy, Erica, Allison and Shannon (not Shannon Limburg that would be just daft because she tagged me!) to answer these questions on their blogs right away!

2 lovely comments:

The Limbys said...

Happy Anniversary!! It might be a rainy day there but here in Roy Utah it's a nice sunny spring day. Thanks for going along with the tag :)

alisha said...

So you are 32, how old is Rob? or at least tell me his birthday and I'll do the math.