Saturday, 12 April 2008

Two by Two

It would appear we weren't content with our two most recent family additions, Spongebob and Patrick. So in celebration of keeping our two fish alive for a whole 8 days we (meaning Rob) went out and doubled our stock of fish. So now we are the proud owners of 4 fishes in total.

Inkeeping with our 'Bikini Bottom' theme we (again meaning Rob with a little help from Thomas!) obviously named them Mr. Crabs and Squidward, fingers crossed nobody wants to add Sandy to the gang in the near future.

1 lovely comments:

Zoe said...

Your so good to buy more fish! We let the kids get fish when we moved in our house almost 3 years ago and the other week the last one finally died, (we had replaced a couple in between). Anyway Syd was so sad she cried but I was sooooo happy because I was the one that always fed them and I hated to clean them.