Saturday, 12 April 2008

Zoo Encounters

For Mother's Day back in March I booked my mum (and step-dad) a stay in a local hotel while Rob was away at a trade show for a couple of days so we could all head off to Chester Zoo and I'd have some company/help in his absence. (See a gift that benefited my mum and also myself...I am so selfless!)
So, how do you make Gee-Gee loving boy incredibly happy? You take him to see some real live penguins that's how! To say he was overjoyed is the biggest understatement in the history of the world. But I'm telling you the herd of elephants certainly gave those penguins a run for their money. They were swiftly entered in at the number two spot of things Eli thinks are just completely fantastic!

With the giraffe's taking the meagre third place spot!

Thomas wanted to have his face painted as a lion, my mum insisted Eli should too. She was paying so I wasn't gonna argue so I just handed him over. Having endured taking Eli for a haircut I had the feeling it was yet another experience inevitably destined for disaster. She chose a giraffe face for Eli and just to prove me wrong he sat there like a perfect angel. He especially liked the glitter on his nose, which I'm hoping is something we don't need to be concerned about as he gets older!

Thomas as a lion

Both of my handsome boys together, just prior to their beautifully painted faces being ruined by Thomas throwing a massive tantrum because he wanted an ice cream and Eli having a tantrum pretty much right after because he had walked a gazillion miles and was simply exhausted!

But it wouldn't be a proper day out with two toddlers without some tears along the way. I'm not complaining though they slept til 9:15 this morning. Now that really is the best Anniversary present ever!

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Jill said...

I can't get over how handsome your boy are! Even with painted faces they are so handsome! I will e-mail you with some primary details soon!