Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Newest Passion

Since I got called as Primary President I have discovered something that I quite completely love.....laminating.

There is something just so utterly satisfying about covering paper (or even card occasionally!) in shiny clear plastic. I like the warmth of the laminator as well as the slightly intoxicating smell of heated plastic. If only I knew this when I was still working at the hospital, as one of my minor responsibilities was the industrial laminator but sadly nobody ever ever requested anything to be laminated (which calls me to question why any radiographer would actually require anything to be laminated, you're hardly gonna laminate an x-ray are you? But that's the NHS, why focus on patient care when they can fork out for an industrial laminator that does nothing but collect dust) now alas I can only dream about how incredibly enjoyable regular use of the industrial laminator would have been. It would have made my working life significantly more rewarding.

But for now laminating everything I can will have to suffice, and it SO does.

4 lovely comments:

Shannon said...

I'm right there with you- odd as that may be! I'm the only one at work who really knows how to do it properly. I'm also the only one who can fix it when it's messed up, or replace the laminating film when it's gone. It is oddly satisfying.

alisha said...

they say that teaching is rewarding, little do they know that the rewards all come from laminating every scrap of paper in the school.

Jill said...

Having taught school for 5 years, I too am a close laminator addict! I love love love to do it! I even like cutting things the scissors slide right through the plastic and yes, the smell! It's fab. Glad I'm not the only one who finds this oddly fulfilling!

Heidi said...

One other benefit to lamination--you can write on it with a crayon/transparency marker and then erase it easily.

I laminated my kids' chore charts and we just wipe and reuse every day.

And yes, lamination ranks right up there with the Spice Girls.