Monday, 21 April 2008


Last Monday they were having a sponsored 'Bounce' (I'm assuming on a trampoline but they weren't too generous with the details) at playgroup ( yet another fundraising effort!) in preparation before Easter they sent all the kids home with a sponsor form which I immediately put in the Spongebob backpack and instantaneously forgot about.

The form gave sponsors a choice of paying 'per bounce' or just one 'fixed price total'. I considered the two options and went with the fixed price option (as did my mum who was his only other sponsor due to my forgetfulness and utter lack of diligence). Then I didn't give it another thought until 'bouncing day' came and I asked Thomas if he did any bouncing at playgroup. He confirmed he did, I enquired how many bounces he did, his reply, 3! Wow! Just as well I didn't sponsor him per bounce right? Playgroup would have been on the poverty line!

So today after playgroup he came out with a certificate (as did all the children) confirming he took part in a sponsored bounce and that in his designated three minutes he totalled 189 bounces. Is that even possible? What is he a flaming kangaroo? In fact do Kangaroo's even average just over 1 bounce per second? It's not that I can't revel in my son's apparent bouncing prowess, it just simply doesn't add up. I've seen Thomas on a trampoline. It goes something like this.

Clamber on.....bounce.....bounce......looks bored......gets off!

He doesn't have the concentration span required to bounce for 180 seconds averaging one bounce per second, he is after all a three year old. Somehow I just think his admission of 3 bounces is far more believable. My friends daughter attends the same playgroup as Thomas and only managed to achieve a mere 187 bounces in her designated three minutes. What an underachiever!!

I just thank my lucky stars that I went with the fixed total option and will happily pay my £5, I so nearly went with the 'per bounce' option and was gonna sign up for fifty pence per bounce which would have cost me a cool £94.50. Ouch!

Unless that's exactly what the playgroup committee was hoping the foolish sleep deprived parents would do. But maybe I'll check out if Bouncing is an Olympic event and sign him up just in case. You just never know!

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alisha said...

Our school held a sponsored jump (only we don't see any of the profits, they send them away to need children in Africa). The first graders jump and the 5th graders count. There were quite a few parents who were very foolish and didn't do the math or definitely underestimated their child. I heard stories of a few parents owing over $100.00.
Or maybe they did do the math and my 5th graders don't know how to count properly.

Heidi said...

From whom does he get this bounciness? Do you have a secret fondness for trampolines?

Shannon said...

We're getting ready to do something similar with my class. We call it a "hop-a-thon". Each child is given 1 minute to hop as many times as they can. The 3-5 year olds average about 100 hops each. Crazy? Absolutely. We do it for Muscular Dystrophy. It's quick and fairly painless...but I definitely recommend a set donation rather than trying to donate per hop!

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the commment. I hope that if Elder Shumway does show up, that you'll be nice to him! Also, we are wonderful friends of the mission president. The Stocks are fantastic! Please stop by anytime!

Stephanie Cunningham said...

I'm there with you! This morning I cried during Sleeping Beauty. It was just so beautiful when Philip went to all lengths to save his beloved Princess Aurora...ha! I was never a big crier, either...I might well up a bit, but never tears. Still no tears, but I find myself gasping and wailing and pretty much doing anything to ward them off. Bah! Stupid Mommy emotions.