Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Bad Parenting Chronicles: Episode 6

Can you imagine how bad it looks (not to mention super neglectful) to lose your recently broken armed child at the Children's Museum?

Can you imagine how pitiful and sad they would look sitting there with an arm in plaster at the desk waiting to be collected?

Can you imagine how the workers would look at you as if to say Why don't you love this child?

I can!

Apparently I have officially reached a new parenting low point.

2 lovely comments:

alisha said...

I have to disagree because at least you take them to the Museum.
I had a fifth grade student of mine tell me that when she was younger her mother "forgot" her three times in one day.
We once left my sister at McDonald's in Idaho and drove for 20 minutes before anyone realised it, but of course she didn't have a broken arm.

Shannon said...

Hey, those museums are tricky. At least you don't keep your children on a leash. Those things are creepy!