Saturday, 14 June 2008

On the Mend

Rob has been away in Scotland with work this week and so my mum came to stay with us. As I have previously mentioned this is one of my favourite things ever, ever, ever. I don't think I changed one nappy all week long, I even managed a nap on Thursday morning and when on Monday morning Eli decided to wake up at the disgustingly unacceptable time of 6:30am which to me is still very much night time (I'm truly spoiled because I feel hard done to if my kids ever wake up before 8am) she dealt with him and sent me back to bed for two more lovely hours. Did I want her to ever leave? Absolutely not!

While my mum was here we took a trip to the local(ish!) farm with some friends and the kids had a marvelous time. You'll see from the pictures a broken appendage isn't interfering with Thomas and his lifestyle whatsoever.

On Tuesday we had to go to the hospital to see the orthopaedic doctor for a check-up. The problem (apart from it being crappily inefficient) with free health care like we have here in the UK is that they totally judge you on appearance. I'll give you an example, me turning up without Rob with two children who don't look alike (I was once asked in Burger King if they had different fathers due to the lack of brotherly resemblance, now I obviously avoid Burger King) would get me pigeon holed as the following.......a single promiscuous mother. Now I have nothing against single promiscuous mothers I just would prefer not to be labelled as such.

So Tuesday came and we had plans to go to the farm so I made sure to shower and fully apply my make up and actually style my hair so that I could give the kids a good old clean with baby wipes (how did people survive before the invention of baby wipes?) and arrive at the hospital from the farm a perfect picture of wholesome family life.

But things don't always go to plan do they? Somehow Thomas got totally filthy and cut his leg open, then getting home took longer than I'd anticipated so we were running late for our appointment. I pulled onto the drive got him a clean T shirt and a wet cloth to wipe off the dry blood from his leg. By this time of course he was completely comatose not to mention incredibly sweaty. I woke him up at the hospital and changed his top only to realise the clean T shirt I picked up didn't match his shorts at all. I thought for some reason he had blue shorts on but they were brown (yes, my brain is damaged). The T shirt totally clashed with the brown shorts. There was my three year old wearing uncoordinated clothes, with wet sweaty hair and a broken arm, but he was at least clean. Well, apart from half of the farm that was embedded under his fingernails. I had to swallow my pride and go in regardless.

We were waiting to be called in to see the doctor when my mum tells me she has to make a phone call and she'd take Eli with her but could I hold her newspaper? I agreed grudgingly. My mum's newspaper is the kind that has very little if any news, mostly deeply salacious gossip and even a topless beauty on page 3. Hardly the perfect picture of wholesome family life that I was hoping to exude. Obviously we got called in while I was in possession of this newspaper. Between that and Thomas' appearance I am pretty sure we secured the tag of total white trash. I may as well have not showered or done my hair after all.

But on a more positive note his arm is healing excellently and he gets to have the plaster removed two whole weeks early, roll on next Tuesday. When obviously we'll all be immaculately groomed and I am making Rob come so the doctor is fully aware that he at least has a father.

7 lovely comments:

Mrs Wilson said...

CAROL!! You are SO funny!!! Honestly, i was just talking to John about how funny your blogs are and about how i wish my life was as interesting as yours to make bril blogs out of...

Jen said...

I agree with you about 6:30 being night time. I said to my mom today that we would be leaving for our trip tomorrow at the crack of dawn and she asked when that was. I said 8am because to me that is morning. Anything earlier is pretty much still considered the middle of the night.

Shannon said...

Isn't that way things always go! Even when you have the best of intentions, nothing ever seems to go the way you plan it in your head.
Yay for the cast coming off early!
Thanks for the bday wishes!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

Can your mom come stay at our house?


Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. You sure have some cute kids and funny posts!

AMY said...

You are indeed spoiled. I consider it sleeping in if Connor doesn't get up until 6:30, I've finally got him trained to put on his own movie - I know I'm such a great mom eh? As for moms, I also LOVE it when my mom comes. The only problem is that it is a lot of pressure to live up too. Someday we will be grandparents and I'm not so sure I want to have to do all the work!

Heidi said...

And then send me that newspaper--that's just the kind or British journalism I'm most deeply attached to.

That and Match magazine.

Rachael said...

OK first, YAY for mum's faboo visit.

Second, glad to hear that Eli's arm is healing so well (and that it's not slowing him down).

Third - look at it this way, even though you didn't portray the image you were hoping for, you did manage to have makeup on and styled hair?

Not bad for a mom of 2!