Friday, 27 June 2008

Sisters, Sisters.....

Check us out! Me and my sisters.
Can you see the family resemblance? No?
Well that would be because we're not actually sisters at all.
BUT, if I could choose myself some sisters from all my friends here (obviously I'd choose myself a completely different set of sisters across the pond!) these are the girls I'd go with.

Without a doubt.
(Lisa, Dawn, Heidi and me)

You are probably wondering why are these girls special enough to have such an honour bestowed upon them.

Simple, they just are.

In the last ten years,
We have been housemates,
We have been shoulders to cry on,
We have been bridesmaids and spoken at each others weddings,
We have managed to produce 9 of the most attractive children ever seen (though our husbands were slightly useful in that endeavour too!)

We have loved like sisters,
We have fought like sisters,
We have laughed like sisters,
and we have forgiven like sisters.

Sadly after spending a decade living in such close proximity two of our number are leaving. (Rude, I know!)

Lisa is headed to Utah with husband Stuart where he is going to be doing his PhD and she is gonna pretty much live a life of reproduction, quilting and shopping. She is the most technically challenged person I know so I fear Blogdom is sadly beyond her. I hope she surprises me!

And Heidi is heading southward to Solihull (only two hours away) but far enough away to feel sorry for ourselves.

A stroll down a decades memory lane......

(Slightly mutilated picture)

So to mark the end of an era we booked ourselves into a Travelodge last night and stayed up late eating Chinese food, laughing, looking at old pictures and talking.

Bizarrely when given an opportunity for a sublime good nights sleep we stayed up until 4am chatting (with Lisa passing out around 2am, she was always the lightweight!) and learned that we're just too old to survive on 4 hours of sleep anymore. Though it was the norm for us all back in the day. (8pm the next day and I am truly the walking dead!)
We did some of this.....
and this......
and this......
and even some of this!

But mostly we just wondered why we had never done this before and regularly!

6 lovely comments:

dawnie said...

very easy to make me cry, but this just had me bawling like a baby.

Heidi said...

So lucky to have good friends who live nearby. And I hope you've warned your friend about Solihull and the level of perfection that's required there. It's a lot more demanding than anywhere else . . .

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

How sweet! 'Sisters' are the best--esp. when you can choose them :)

Adcock'sCircus said...

thanks for commenting on my blog - your boys are adorable. As an only child friends are my sisters! Loved the post

3boys247 said...

That was a great post. You are very lucky to have such fun "sisters."

Stuart said...

I think I actually did a little wee cos I was laughing so much! Then you made me cry with all those pics and stuff. What are you trying to do to me!!! Will miss you guys so much. Your right tho so need to get blogging! Love you lots. Lisa xxx