Friday, 13 June 2008

Perspective Restored

Lately I've been constantly whining (because I like to) about potentially having to potty train Eli.

What is worse than having to potty train a two year old child who pulls poo out of his nappy?

Having to Potty train two year old quads that pull poo out of their nappies despite vigorous efforts with duct tape to stop them.

That blog is where I go when I have a bad parenting day. When I consider multiplying Eli by four for even a second I realise even my worst day with Eli is likely gonna be better than my very best day with quads.

So I will potty train Eli......but not today, or tomorrow nor probably this month. But I will do it!

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dawnie said...

what's that blog called hon, i wanna read it?

BookMomma said...

Hang in there! I just got done training my three year old a few months ago. He was stubbornly refusing to potty, and I finally gave up and left him alone. A week later, almost overnight, he made up his mind (on his own) to do it himself. It's all about control with him...

It will happen, take heart!!

Here by way of POWs over at McMommy's

alisha said...

your blog is SO FUNNY that I about pee my pants from laughing so hard when I read it, but I don't because I am potty trained. It is absolutely the funniest blog that I have ever read and IT IS the highlight of my days (all of them). Honestly and truly.

there, now are you satisfied? :)

McMommy said...

And THAT is the exact reason why I watch Jon & Kate plus 8!!!

Because if she can handle 8 kids, I better not complain about 2 kids!!

Happy POW!

alisha said...

I really didn't feel obliged to feed your ego, I felt commanded. ( I read your ultimatum about posting comments) I didn't feel threatened however, what could you do to me? You are thousands of miles away.

The Limbys said...

Just so you know I think boys are harder to potty train then girls. I waited tell Noah was three before I potty trained him and he picked it up fast.

Jessica said...

Good luck! Stubborn kids can be torture. No matter how many you have it's still your challenge.