Saturday, 7 June 2008

An Alteration

Remember all those lovely things I said about Eli on his Birthday?

Well I want to amend something.

I said 'Can I keep him this size forever?'

What I actually should have said was 'Can I keep him this size forever but fully potty trained?'

Too frequently lately if we don't get to him the very second a poo is deposited in his nappy we are alerted to the fact not by the awful stench but by the fact he has put his hands in it and proudly come to show us his good work or my personal favourite the time he pulled his poo out of his nappy and threw it on the kitchen floor. I SO didn't sign up for this.

Clearly it is time to invest in some heavy duty tape or some other desperate measure, because I am definitely not up for giving potty training a try.

Personally I find poo on the floor preferable to potty training.

5 lovely comments:

The Limbys said...

I know how you feel, I to have experience a similar situation. So I so feel for you!

Rob - The husband said...

See....I feel you're being slightly harsh on the little fella...he's proud of his nappy depositing exploits and wants to share the wealth.....I think you should embrace his willingness to share.

AMY said...

Embrace his willingness to share? I say you make Rob change all his poopy nappies then!

Megan Mitchell said...

Yuck! Drw has recently learned to take off his own diaper but fortunately it has not been messy. I think it is time to start potty training!

Melissa said...

Oh Carol, that is just NASTY!!! I am SO glad that Kendra never did that!!!!! Here's praying that Kingston doesn't give that a try, cause I just don't think I could handle poo on the kitchen floor or poo on his hands!