Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It's Official

Yesterday Rob had the day off because he was going to see Foo Fighters (Yes, his life is vastly more exciting than mine) and amongst other things he decided to give our bedroom some TLC. It is a really neglected space, used only for sleeping and dumping. The furniture needed shifting around to maximise the space and make everything feel a little less cluttered.

In the process the bed has ended up with Rob's side up against the wall, which has the bonus of increasing the space in our room but the distinct un-bonus of making me the only available parent whenever a child visits our room. Generally they come straight to me anyhow but at least the option of daddy was available so occasionally (the sweetest moments of life) I was off the hook, now it's all just me, lucky me!

After Rob was finished I was taking Thomas to the toilet (thanks to his broken arm he can no longer get on and off unaided) and our bedroom door was open.

"WOW, look at your tidy room!"

Initially I thought he was just impressed by the change in layout, it does after all look so much better. But now that repeat identical comments are in double figures (from our 8000 toilet trips, and we're only on Day 4 of broken arm) I have come to the assumption that even he noticed the disaster zone that our bedroom constantly was.

A three year old will always tell it how it is,

We are slobs!

Thanks for the confirmation.

But this does come from the bizarre child who just turned down chocolate because "I'm a bit busy tidying my room (yes, even with one arm) right now" and couldn't possibly pause for a chocolate break. Clearly he is more like Grandma Deb than we thought.

Oh and don't worry the chocolate didn't go to waste I happily paused from my chores to eat it.

3 lovely comments:

Shannon said...

Hmmmm...I wonder if it's possible to use his affinity for "tidying up" to your advantage at such a tender age? If so- care to send him stateside for a bit? Ciara does not share that trait.

AMY said...

My room needs some major TLC too, can Thomas come and tidy it for me?

Dana said...

Ok, do you think you might take this opportunity to teach him to stand up to pee? I guess tou'd still have to help him with his pants though, huh? Hunter's been standing for about 6 months.