Monday, 14 July 2008

Scary Movie

You know when we buy the kids a new DVD it is not only a gift for them it is totally a gift for me too. Having endured Cars and Toy Story (both 1 & 2) more times than is reasonably expected of any adult human being I figured a change in our viewing material was way way overdue. We do incidently have a whole drawer of kids DVD's but our kids must have really high grading criteria because most of them simply don't cut the mustard. A few will get an occasional viewing but they're really like Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear's poor relations you know.

So we picked up Surf's Up for Eli, for obvious reasons.

Then for Thomas we got this. Considering his favourites are all made by Pixar I figured we were onto a sure thing. A potentially new favourite. Plus it had the added bonus of me never having seen it (hooray!) so I didn't even have to fake enthusiasm when he insisted I sit down right next to him to watch it. I grabbed a blanket thinking if they get engrossed (which they hopefully would!) I could actually grab a nap. (Rob was in the next room so that sounds more neglectful than it really is!)

The verdict from my 3 year old?

Remy and his brother getting struck by lightening? Practically pee your pants laugh out loud for ten minutes hilarious.

The rest? Absolutely no clue.

The minute Remy was separated from his family (13 whole minutes into the movie) Thomas was beside himself. He kept saying he needed to see Grandma. Then proceeded to cry/sob/wail. A lot!

Yep I had to double check it was in fact Ratatouille and not The Shining or The Exorcist I had inserted in the DVD player such was his reaction. (Not that I am brave enough to have such titles in the house, let alone watch them!)

Needless to say I never got a nap and we had to watch Surf's Up instead.

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Simply Shannon said...

What a sweet little boy to be so distraught for Remy! It's a shame too, because the movie is fairly cute.
Ratatouille was the first movie that Kevin took Ciara too see in the theater as just the two of them for some bonding time. I had to wait until it came out on DVD.

Dana said...

Yeah, that one wasn't a hit at our house either. It sure makes you rethink buying before renting, huh?

Lisa said...

So I guess I wont be watching this one...
Bring on the Shining.

Shannon said...

Oh no!!!! My four year old loved Ratatouille but the 2 1/2 year old was not as in love with it . . . he still doesn't really watch a whole entire movie usually. Cars and Toy Story are favs here too - they love them and to be honest, I love them. (hee hee). There are worse movies out there and I'll take Lightning McQueen and Buzz and Woody over Dora or Diego ANY day of the week. I like the music in Cars too, so I don't mind playing it sometimes!!!

The four year old is excited to go see Wall-E one day soon - I have heard mixed reviews about it so I don't really know what to expect. It doesn't seem as "light" and fun and colourful as many of the other Pixar favs.

Hope you can soon find a new movie everyone likes, that is not too scary!!!

p.s. Ratatouille IS scary in parts, I'd say.

Krystyn said...

Aww...poor Thomas! We aren't to that stage of movies, yet. Funny how we don't even think of something being scary like that!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

We never saw that--guess we'll be sticking to CARS, again and again and again and again....

Jen said...

I've yet to see Ratatouille. I want to though. I also would like to see Wall-e. I think both of these movies are more for the grown ups than the kids from what I've heard/seen of them.

My son absolutely LOVES Surf's Up.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Ahhh, if only MH would sit still and actually WATCH a whole movie - that might be a little slice of heaven!!! She does love her some Cinder-elly, but even then she can't sit for the whole thing. Drives me nuts! Then again, I sure don't worry about spending tons of money on DVDs!

Kristen said...

Is it terrible that I am praying for the age of movies?

Sorry to hear he got so distraught and no nap for Mama. :(

Wendi said...

Um...not good!
The Shining or the are funny!
I know my kids have watched this one.
I have no recollection of their reaction.
Must have been a real winner.

Joy said...

Ratatouille was really boring to me! Needless to say, it got shelved right along with Happy Feet. Sorry, didn't like that one either!!!

But Toy Story... that is a movie we watch almost every single day. It's that or Dennis the Menace. But at least my daughter still wears "high heels" and jewelry and insists on using my makeup! LOL!

Beth said...

Henry is the same way - we can only watch G movies because there inevitably will be something that will bother him with 'older' movies.

It's still endearing though, nap or not.