Saturday, 24 May 2008

Happy Birthday Eli!

It just doesn't seem possible that Eli just turned 2! When Thomas turned two we already had an 8 month old Eli on the scene (by choice may I hastily add, I think the happy hormones after I had Thomas sent me temporarily delirious or something). Seeming as Eli generally gets a bad report on this blog I figured I'd dedicate this post to our second born child. Here he is a day or two old, all 6 pounds 9 ounces of him.
A few months older
Happy 1st Birthday
Crazy haired naked happy boy!
An incredibly handsome two year old!

I love Eli because he chooses to call a spider a 'bee-bubb-er' even though he can clearly say spider, I love that Spiderman therefore translates to 'bee-bubb-er-man'.

I love that he loves his Gee-Gee's, each and everyone of them. I really wanted Thomas to have an attachment to something and he never did. Then Eli met Gee-Gee and the rest is history.

I love that nobody in our extended family says penguin....ever! Gee-Gee is an accepted term for penguin through both sides of our families.

I love that when he cuddles me he has to tuck his arms snuggly inside mine so he can be as close as possible.

I love his boundless confidence, he knows he's funny and he's more than happy to entertain.

I love that he is arguably the best sleeper ever. Since birth we have just laid him down at night awake and he'll fall asleep in the very position we leave him in without a single complaint. (Naps are another story but I'm focusing on the positive, right?)

I love that he can read 'Fix it Duck' a trillion times without ever getting bored.

I love his new found adoration for babies and how he'll just sit next to a baby and happily rub his gee-gee on them or give them gee-gee to play with. (Under his close supervision of course!)

I love that he watches 'Cars' with the same enthusiasm the 2354th time as he did the 1st time.

I love that he says 'that's munny' instead of that's funny.

But most of all I love how cute he is when he says 'I luf yoo mummy'.

Can I keep him this size forever?

5 lovely comments:

AMY said...

Very cute. I know you shouldn't refer to boys as 'beautiful', but he really is! So now that's he's two, are you ready for another one? :)

Anonymous said...

carol might be....but Rob isn't!!

Carol said...

Rob if you're gonna comment on my blog at least have the courtesy to choose the option that lets you put your name rather than being anonymous.

FYI That's the 3rd option on the list!

Anonymous said...

ITs not rob.........its Ron Burgundy?..........

Jill said...

He really is a beautiful boy. And I loved all of the things you listed about him. He sounds like a sweet one!