Sunday, 7 September 2008

Operation: Abs Reclamation

Have I ever happened to mention that I am 5 feet 10 inches tall?

And that I have pretty consistently weighed 125 pounds my whole adult life.

(You have got to love good genes, thank you gene pool!)

And that I have never been on a diet.

(Courtesy of a super zippy metabolism)

And that I have never had to cruelly convince myself that Diet Coke is just as lovely as the sugar and calorie loaded Regular Coke.

And that as far back in life as I can remember I have eaten at least one bar of chocolate per day (except whilst pregnant with Thomas when I abstained for the whole pregnancy, but that is a whole other story) but generally more.

You hate me right now, right?

Well times are a-changing, sadly.

When I had Thomas I was back in my regular clothes the very same day (thought to be fair I didn't have to resort to maternity clothes until the 32nd week of pregnancy). A fact that was utterly disgusting to most people, apparently some people find it deeply offensive if you effortlessly get your figure back post baby.

In contrast, when I had Eli less than 12 hours later I was back at home and my mum came to visit and truly one of the first things she said to me was 'Well looks like you'll have to do sit ups this time'. (Yes, I am still holding a slight grudge about it in case you're wondering).

I did do sit ups in a bid to locate my abs that were seriously MIA.

But I quickly got bored and gave up. Sit ups it turned out weren't really all that fun and progress was made painfully slowly indeed.

But then something truly appalling happened.

My metabolism rudely started to slow down.

Not drastically by far but enough to make me realise that if I wanted to continue to live a lifestyle filled with regular coke and chocolate bars I might actually have to get my backside off the sofa and raise my heart rate above 60 bpm occasionally.

An incredibly painful conclusion to come to for one with a serious allergy to all things exercise related.

Then Jen posted a challenge on her blog:
I was in total agreement that it was a terrific idea and that I would simply cheerlead from the sidelines (because we don't generally have cheerleaders here and Bring It On made it look lots of fun).

Then Rob and I were getting ready for a rare trip to the cinema actually together for once (I know, crazy!) and I tried on a top that I hadn't worn in a while and looked down and saw my stomach, the stomach of Carol when she is 3 months pregnant. Sadness and hormones quickly turned to horror.

Horror induced a chain of reactions that had me committing to reclaim my abs, ASAP!

So I invested in one of these contraptions which frankly I can't help but feel looks like some apparatus worthy of a torture chamber but it will help me in my voyage of abs reclamation.

Being 5 feet 10 inches and 125 pounds I have always looked healthy and dare I say fit? Truth is though courtesy of my metabolism I haven't had to endure regular exercise since leaving school. My fitness levels are no doubt on a par with 80 year old's worldwide.

The energy my boys have has no limits and I owe it to them to be fitter. Day 1 of reclaiming my abs 15 minutes in I was almost victim of death by asthma attack. But moving on to day 3 I already feel much fitter and better. But with about a gazillion long miles to go.

When I am huffing and puffing and breaking a sweat and my new mechanical best friend is informing me I have successfully burned an entire 97 calories, suddenly that chocolate bar doesn't seem so tasty.

And truthfully I don't know whether to be overjoyed about that or depressed.

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26 lovely comments:

Tom and Sarah Baker said...

125lbs!!! I think I said hello and goodbye to that weight at 16 yrs old, and I'm 3 inches shorter! You need to find a way to bottle your fantastic metabolism, you would be a millionaire overnight!!!

Threeboys1mommy said...

I'd like a little credit for not abandoning this post after reading the first 2 sentences.... your welcome.

I'd also like to apologize for laughing when I read your metabolism has slowed. That wasn't nice.

Lastly, I think any torture contraption that we surrender 1/5 of our home to should have the decency to lie about how many calories we've lost after an hour of huffing and puffing. Somewhere to the tune of 3,000 might be nice.

Heidi said...

Well, it's about flipping time your metabolism slowed to normal(ish). You've been a secret target of my envy for about oh, ten years now.

Simply Shannon said...

So happy to hear that you are joining us! I promise not to be too annoyed that my goal is to lose your entire current body weight.
I hope that evil contraption does indeed help you to locate your missing abs.
Go Carol!

Allikaye's Mama said...

That post is SO me! I am also 5'10" - and just now coming to the realization that maybe my metabolism isn't going to get my abs back in shape! And I bought an elliptical too!! Keep us posted on your progress...maybe it will help me to get up and movin!!

Claire said...

I think it's only fair that you have a turn in hating life while on a cross trainer. It's one of those things that has to be done in life.

Though going by your fantastic gene pool, you'll just look at the blinkin' thing and your belly will be no more, only to be replaced with your sought after rock hard abs.

Damn you.

EmmaP said...

my abs have been MIA for about 12 years now. Finally, I am fighting the battle of the bulge (well, except today -- it is a day of rest and all...). Anyway, good luck! I know you will find your abs soon, and don't worry, keep up the workout and you'll be breathing normal again in no time.

oh - and thanks for visiting my blog. I'd like to add yours to my list of links...hope you don't mind. And I know this is sick and wrong, but i actually get a rush out of public speaking...including teaching in church. (i know - sick & wrong!)

Anonymous said...


you're obviously a Hot Momma!!

I am currently 130ish...and I don't even have boobs. I always tell my husband if/when I ever get "knockers installed"....then I will add at least 5-8 pounds to my body. that's totally another post...

Feel AWESOME;-) Feel giddy about yourself, and remember that when you ad crunches and exercise to your life- you'll FEEL better.

It's a WIN-WIN situation you have going for you.

Susan said...

I don't hate you, but I am so envious of the years you spent with that lovely metabolism. Sorry, that you have to join the ranks of those of us who must watch what we eat and exercise.
I commend you for beginning the quest to find your abs.
I am currently in search of my waist and my abs. But, that's okay because I have a seven month old right? And "they" say, "it takes nine months to put it on and you should give yourself nine months to take it off."

I better kick it into HIGH gear!

Getting off the couch NOW!

THopgood said...

Well. I COULD hate you. But instead I envy you. There's 7 inches and 20 pounds of separation between us. UGH.

I'm running my second marathon in October. I average 30 to 40 miles of running per week and have not shed a single pound. Sad. Just sad.

I start a boot camp in October and have decided that this is my last ditch effort. If I see no improvements in this saggy body my next line of defense is cosmetic surgery. I'm not above a little tuck and fat suckage. =)

Dana said...

I was right there with you on the sidelines. I really need to be participating. For some reason I can't seem to get myself to exercise. Or give up Dr. Pepper. Or give up candy. Maybe I'll just participate quietly, on my own. As soon as it cools off I'll start riding my bike and walking.......maybe.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Yeah sweetie, if I didn't love you so much I'd absolutely have to loathe you!

Good for you on buying the elliptical trainer! I know from PT, those things are murder! However, you will actually get to a point where you might dare say you enjoy doing it. It's really challenging and I find that great music on the iPod helps immensely.

Good for you for being focused on your total health and not just your weight - you're inspiring me!

Wendi said...

I am joining you in your quest for looking fine in 2009.
I am determined to find my abs.
They sadly disappeared 12 years ago..and have not been found since.
Try living life in the frame of a
5'2" woman who weighs...well not 125.
Not. good.

The White House said...

I, too, was in my regular clothes after I had my first, and my second. But after my third, that stretched out tummy never went back in... oh, well, I got knocked up again, and even though I shouldn't be showing this early, at least I can give someone a due date when they ask... After this fourth babe comes in march 09, I am going to start "looking thin in 2010!"

Marla said...

bye bye matabolism.. hello real world... i should have read your post today before i sent over some love... come by for a visit i have a present for you...

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I know your pain a little. I am 5'10 and weight about 135lbs when i got married. I didn't have to really worry about what I ate, though I did work out everyday, but I liked running, so I ran everyday. But then I got prego and gain about 60 pounds. I needed to do a lot more than sit ups. This is the first time where I have had to really watch what I eat and work out to loose weight, not just for fun.

For pregnancy being a natural beautiful thing... is sure doesn't leave me feeling natural and beauitful :)

the rogers blog said...

Good on yer!!
I still can't get the desire to get a desire about caring weather I'm fat or not. Although right now every bit of food I think about or look at makes me wanna puke!! So I must be loosing some fatness. 7 weeks down 33 to go!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are blessed! Glad you were able to enjoy all that extra time of of slimness. Now, I welcome you to our world of "constantly working on the bod." I cheer you on in your efforts to get fit!

Mamasphere said...

Don't you love when the good ol' metabolism goes and pulls a fast one on you? It SUCKS. Good luck!

Aprille - The Muddled said...

Well seeing as I had already declared to the world that I thought you were fabulous I guess I can't just go and hate you just because you were blessed with good DNA. Stupid DNA. I got screwed on that one.... Pulling for you!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

The same thing happened after my fourth---I am going to the gym TOMORROW!
Good luck on getting fit and fab--can't wait for pics :)

AMY said...

I don't believe it, not for a second. I want to see a picture of you on it actually working out. You are the laziest (skinnest) person I know! So if at your 5 foot 10 inches tall you are are getting a little pooch, just think of how hard it is for my meazly 4 foot 11 and 3/4 inches to keep to pooch from showing. My kids always tell me I have another baby in my tummy. Nice.

Krystyn said...

Good for you! Stick with it and you will get there!

I'm so scared for my abs this time. I taught 7 aerobics classes a week with Izzy, and now I do one...and that's the extent of my exercise! Yikes!

Runningamuck said...

I'm so with you on the good genes going bad thing! =0( Although I don't have the height that you do. And I too have the same torture contraption... although when placed in front of the tv it seems a tad less gruesome. But only a tad!

And I love your title! =0)

Becks said...

I dont think I have weighed 125 since I was 11. Lucky you! Everything you said is the exact opposite of me. I have dieted since I was 8 and it has gotten me pretty much nowhere! Good for you though to start exercising. It really will make you feel better in general. I joined Jen's challenge too. It just happens to be that I have failed for 2 weeks in a row, ha! New week and this time I am sticking to it!

Good luck on reclaiming your abs!!

Melissa Bastow said...

Ok, I hate you - I'll say it. But it's like a "I still think your funny and I'm still going to read your blog" sort of hatred. And probably more of a "I hate all skinny women, now where are my dorritos" sort of hatred. And a "why do I come from a long line of food lovin' chubb-o's" kind of hatred. Maybe I just hate my flabby abs....that could be it. But it's so much easier to blame you - darn you super metabolistic skinny people! And why can't I be one too?!