Friday, 28 March 2008

Charity Occasionally Faileth

In our congregation at Church if you spilt all the women into two groups which I'll call 'The Post-Menopausal' and 'The still very fertile' I'd quite obviously fit right into the second group. After all in this day and age being 32 still qualifies me as a spring chicken in the world of reproduction. (I am no longer shocked when I read headlines like '60 year old woman has triplets!' Shocked? No! Appalled? Indeed!!) In my self designated group I am currently in the vast minority. The reason being that just about everyone that is capable of child bearing just had a baby or is incubating one as I type. As I am neither of those things I fall into a sub-group with a mere handful of other ladies that I'll term 'The sane'.

One of these babies happily incubating is the offspring of Rob's cousin Neil and his wife Katie. Considering we had two babies closer together than anyone should actually legally be allowed we accumulated lots of baby kit. We never plan on having kids so close together again so half of what we have we'll never ever need to use. We still have two highchairs and seeming as Neil is at University and we had two babies while Rob was at University we know that any help is greatly appreciated. (Plus who doesn't like a freebie?) So we offered one to them. After spending what just felt like two hours scrubbing the highchair to remove every last trace of chocolate milk (which gets everywhere I now realise) and removing a secret stash of raisins that Eli was accumulating under the seat cover (and he kept attempting to eat when I brushed them onto the floor with moderate success) I realise being nice isn't the easy option by far.

Now our highchair is ready for it's new home and family I am not left with a feeling of having done something kind for someone I am left with a feeling of dread that I missed a spot of chocolate milk and that it just would have been so much easier if we just donated it to the local tip instead!

2 lovely comments:

Cami said...

Hi Carol!! It's so nice to see you again, and this time you have additions to your family!! They are so cute! It's been fun to read your blog, and see what you've been up to the last few years, and see you as a mom. Take care! Cami

The Limbys said...

ya, your kids are close in age but I have cousins that are 10 1/2 months apart. Thanks for keeping us entertained!