Friday, 7 March 2008

Project Completed

I started this project last June. I am fully aware in that much time I could have grown an actual human being in my uterus (though thankfully I didn't!) but as Summer ended and the evenings grew darker I found it so much more fulfilling to cosy up on the sofa in the evenings with a big bar of chocolate. The project was literally 10 minutes away from completion at this point but still it spent Winter hibernating on top of Eli's wardrobe collecting dust. Until last night when I finally got it finished, after 10 whole minutes! So it's a quilt for Thomas as you can see by my splendid hand embroidery of his name (I know you're thinking you had no idea I was this talented, but it's rude to think that!)
Finally for those of you that think that despite taking 4 or 5 months off to account for those Winter months (that I devoted to comfort eating and sitting on my backside) that this was still a phenomenally long project I'd like to point out that every single stitch on the picture below was hand stitched by me. Bring on the next project....which incidentally is a quilt intended as a Christmas gift in 2007, I guess it'll be just as happily received at Christmas in 2008 (or even 2009!).

2 lovely comments:

Shannon said...

Great job on the quilt Carol!!!
I absolutely adore your blog btw. Your sarcastic sense of humor suits me perfectly.

Heidi said...

Duck, you are amazing.

Seriously. Hand-stitching? You deserve a freaking award.