Monday, 10 March 2008

Jumping in Muddy Puddles

The other day at a crucial point in 'The Wonderpets' a catastrophe occurred. Our electricity went out. Thomas was not thrilled but considering this was the 3267th episode (slight exaggeration but certainly feels like that many!) he'd seen you'd imagine he'd just accept that the wonderful Duckling (who can fly), Guinea Pig (who can swim) and Terrapin (who has a snazzy shoe collection!) are gonna inevitably save the Hippo, Beaver, Dragon or whatever lucky creature happens to be in need of help from a flying duckling, swimming guinea pig and a shoe wearing Terrapin! But no, he wasn't happy to come to that conclusion by himself at all.

I called the Electricity provider who informed me that it'd be off for probably an hour, the cause being a blown cable somewhere close by. The list of things you can do with zero electricity is far shorter than I imagined. Luckily Rob was home and seeming as the only modern day luxury we had left was hot water he decided to take the boys to play outside in the garden in the rain. Boys are great like that a few drops of rain or even a torrential downpour are not going to stop them having fun in the garden.

Rob being just like every man I know (a child on the inside) decided that while they were getting wet they may as well have the best possible fun in the process. So he took them to the park across the road to jump in muddy puddles. Which they of course adored and request a repeat of the experience regularly.

I'm just grateful that we did have hot water and a fully restored power supply for our washing machine when they arrived home. I just wish Eli's coat wasn't dry clean only and caked in mud. Bring on Summer and then I can just throw it away! But in the meantime every time I hear that 'Wonderpets' theme tune I keep my fingers crossed for another power cut!

2 lovely comments:

Heidi said...

There are some fun events that I say, "Oh, that's something we only do with Daddy." This would be one of those.

Also on my list: Play-doh, Any paint aside from watercolours, and anything that is guaranteed to be a big mess.

The Hamilton's said...

Oh my! Looks like they had a blast, but I'm glad I didn't have to clean them up!