Saturday, 15 March 2008


OK, so the unthinkable occurred we (meaning I!) lost one of Eli's much adored penguins. We have a Gee-Gee officially MIA people! This is a massive disaster. How I managed to lose it I have no idea, knowing how attached Eli is to them I watch those stuffed little penguins like they are crafted from pure gold and then encrusted with diamonds! But alas I am not as responsible as I thought. He had it when we left Rob's mum's house and when we came inside at home it had vanished. It was dark, cold, windy and rainy (my 4 least favourite conditions) so I just assumed that he'd dropped it in the car and I planned on retrieving it the next day. I sufficiently fooled him with the three other skinny penguins and the remaining fuller figured penguin in his cot so he didn't even notice right away.

The next day I went to liberate the missing penguin from his overnight stay in the car. He wasn't there! So we either lost him getting into the car or getting out, but he simply vanished without a trace! We can only hope he is now happy in stuffed toy penguin heaven!

Hooray for my mum who had an emergency replacement waiting at her house and mailed it out ASAP. So now thanks to Royal Mail we have filled our penguin quota once more. Eli is currently a very contented child once again toddling around with both penguins secured in his mouth by their beaks. Long may it continue.

4 lovely comments:

Shannon said...

Oh no! Not a missing Gee-Gee! Thank goodness for the Royal Mail!
Love the "double butt" as well, but I'm sure that you are correct in your assumption that Eli will not be thanking you later in life for sharing that particular photo.
I know that it sounds slightly perverted, but I have always been a big fan of baby bottoms! They're just so squishy and adorable.

A M Y said...

Good thing you can get replacements, I would get as many as you can! I have looked all over (even e-bay) for a bear JUST like Addisyn's and never could find one. My mom even bought her a new one, but she rejected it immediately. Luckily for me, she is learning to live w/o him because he is seriously looking ill these days! Now I'm thinking I should buy stock in Ammon's pacifier's because he is addicted!

Science PhD Mom said...

Definitely keep a stash of replacements!! I have only just relented and given away a spare barn animals playset we had from IKEA, from a time over a year ago when Elizabeth was attached to the sheep & lamb. At least I know I can still buy one, but she seems to have moved on to a bigger Lamb. I have a spare of that one, too.

The Limbys said...

Thank heaven's for grandma's they always know how to take care of the problem.