Monday, 31 March 2008


At Easter all the Siswick siblings were reunited here in Huddersfield, partly to enjoy the long weekend and partly to bid Jan, Geoff & Luke (Rob's Aunt) farewell as they've just moved to China. As all of us Siswick's only get together a few times a year it was decided we need to be more diligent in taking advantage of these photo opportunities. So we all stayed dressed up after Church instead of pulling on our comfy pants to make room for the obscene amounts of chocolate we all planned on consuming. Somehow the pictures got postponed until after dinner, and then after the Easter Egg hunt and finally after the kids were high on sugar with chocolate stained clothes and tired. Sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster right? We didn't even attempt a group shot with adults, the kids made it more than clear that they had had enough! Siswick Family Grandkids Easter 2008. From left Jacob, Grace, Abigail, Ben, Thomas and Eli (with Gee-Gee naturally!)
Some other recent pics taken by Rob's Sister Emma

I know, I know, they're so handsome! I agree!

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A M Y said...

I love Eli's hair! Where did he get those curls?