Thursday, 6 March 2008

This Weeks Major Accomplishment

Clearly my boys thought long and hard (which I know is an impossibility for a three and one year old but still) about what would be the best gift they could personally get me for Mother's Day. The gift was given on Tuesday afternoon when we went to the local play gym for 180 minutes, I wasn't required to embarrassingly apologise to any parents for the entire duration of our visit. Miraculous!

I don't mean to paint the picture that my sons are complete hooligans but this is the first time in a gazillion years that one or both of them haven't made another child cry. It's kind of inevitable that a room with a vast array of toys is going to cause some level conflict amongst the under 3's. Thomas is at the age where he'd prefer not to share and will retaliate but only if someone tries to take a toy away from him. Eli has the temperament that requires biting as a defense mechanism (which is showing signs of improvement as he currently prefers to bite his own arm when he's mad, it's not ideal but I'll take it!).

Too bad I'll probably have to wait another gazillion years for a repeat of it. But for three hours I got to bask in the smug glory of having children who play perfectly with others and even got to experience being apologised to (which was actually a very pleasant change). So there you have it, best Mother's Day gift ever!

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