Saturday, 15 March 2008


I think I am justified in saying nobody in our household is particularly musically all. Put me in a choir who can pick up the slack and I'm all good, I can have a good go. When people ask if I'm Soprano or Alto I just shrug because in all honesty I just sing along with the melody which would imply I'm a Soprano, but I just can't hit those high notes especially on a Sunday morning. So really I am probably an Alto but I can't read music sufficiently well and the Soprano's throw me off with all their warbling. Rob doesn't like to sing, he says he's bad but I don't think that's necessarily true I just think he's self conscious. His Grandad tries to cajole him into attending his choir every week so he can't be as talentless as he thinks. So that's the extent of musical talent in our household. Our abilities in the musical instruments department are even more limited and reach no further than maracas and the good old tambourine. So we don't have to worry about humiliating ourselves in front of Simon Cowell anytime soon.

Thomas on the other hand has recently found his voice and loves to sing. I love hearing his little voice piecing all the words together. Sadly he won't be auditioning for 'Britain's Got Talent' anytime soon either. But I have to give him credit, what he lacks in talent he certainly makes up for in volume! The other day he was singing the Bob the Builder theme tune repeatedly at about 8 million decibels, (Let's face it that song is annoying enough sung just one time through quietly let alone when put on repeat, ultra loud and out of key) so I asked him if he could please sing it a little bit quieter.

He just looked at me and said, "No mummy I have to sing it this loud, it's the best this way!" and so he continued.

How can I argue with that? So we just agree to disagree.

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A M Y said...

Those are fun places but scary. I have had similar experiences where I had to figure how I was going to save a child at the top and not leave another alone. Now I always go to those places with friends.