Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day to ME!

Today is my third Mother's Day!
It has been a wonderful day thanks to my favourite three people!
They got me gifts both edible and readable, perfect!
They made me a full English breakfast to take advantage of the fact that Fast Sunday was postponed until next week!
They made me cards at church in nursery ! (Well Rob didn't he's a bit too mature for nursery!)
They collected my Mother's day flowers in Sacrament Meeting (Despite Eli thinking a) they were for him and b) they were a snack.)
They (meaning Rob) cooked dinner after church and tidied up the house.
They have made me feel loved and appreciated all day!
I wish every day were like Mother's Day!
I also wish that they'd move Mother's Day to a Saturday so I could enjoy a lengthy nights slumber instead of rushing to church for 9:30. But I can't have everything.....sadly!

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