Friday, 8 February 2008

And Newbie Makes Three!

This is Newbie, you may well be wondering whatever would possess a parent to call their child such a name, well worry not, his actual name is Thomas James but to us, he's just plain Newbie.

There is some lengthy evolution as to how we came to this name so here it is.
Rob adored Winnie the Pooh as a child, he has retained an (unhealthy?) liking for Kanga and Roo to this very day. So when Thomas was in utero he had the nickname of little Roo, anyhow the name stuck when he entered the world but soon evolved from Roo to Rooski, from Rooski to Shmooski, from Shmooski to Shmooby, from shmooby to Booby (not our finest parenting hour, calling out booby at the park. I think it took 10 years off my Father in laws life, seriously). We realised we couldn't be calling him Booby when he was 15, so we forced the evolution onto Newbie due to an newly acquired love for Scrubs, Doctor Cox particularly. So there it is, how Thomas became Newbie.

So Newbie joined our family on 27th January 2005, 3 weeks early due to some growth issues in utero but has thrived ever since. We were told prior to his conception that we'd never conceive without IVF but 2 years and 2 kids later we feel justifed in saying we don't think those NHS doctors know what they're on about. He weighed 4 pounds 14 Ounces, which is unimaginably small. I see babies twice his birthweight and think they're teeny tiny now.

Anyhow our biggest boy just turned 3 and is a total joy! (Even more so now that he is toilet trained...hoorah!) He loves football, cars and trains. Daddy is his absolute hero, I'm somewhere down the list below Grandma, Nanny, Nanny's dog Max, his friend Neve and my Sister in law Emma's boyfriend Joel who he has probably spent 10 hours in total with. That's loyalty for you, eh? Typical.

2 lovely comments:

Amy said...

Carol, so happy you are blogging! I just secretly started a blog last week, but haven't opened it for viewing my comment on this post is that it's cute, but I couldn't help notice that Max the dog is still alive! I have fond memories of him! :)

Melissa said...

LOL!!!! Booby?! I can just see how that would mortify a grand-dad! HEHEHEHEHE!

When I read Newbie, I instantly thought of JD! We love Scrubs too! My favorite character in the whole series is the Janitor! He totally cracks me up!