Monday, 11 February 2008

Man Baby

This is what I sleep with. (Well not an actual picture of what I sleep with. Rob wouldn't actually allow me to take a picture of him wearing his, something about making a mockery of him. Would I?)

This is what Rob's eldest sisters got him, his younger brother (aged 15) and his dad for Christmas, just what every man needs-a onesie!

Super fleecy, super cosy and super warm. His official best Christmas gift EVER!

My very first thought when I saw Rob wearing the offensive item was 'If he's wearing that to bed there is zero possibility of ever enlarging our family!'

Rob had desired one of these fleecy garments forever. I certainly think my boys look cute in theirs but a grown man? No way! It just shouldn't happen.

I still laugh out loud recalling the night that I was rudely awoken by Rob banging and stumbling around our bedroom.

In my half awake state I said "What on earth are you doing most lovely husband?" (Or something not quite so kind because I LOVE my sleep and had been rudely interrupted!)

He replied with exasperation in his voice, "I'm trying to put my onesie on and it's difficult!"

Too right it is! Those things are tricky in broad daylight let alone in the dark at the end of a long day.

The initial thought of sleeping with a man size toddler was an untempting prospect. But, I admit the fleecy onesie has grown on me. It certainly is nice to snuggle with and I can put my chilly feet on him and receive no complaint. So now three of our household wear fleecy onesies to bed. Two toddlers and a man baby.

A trend I shall not be following!

3 lovely comments:

Science PhD Mom said...

Oh my, I have to keep this idea away from my husband. He would ADORE footed pajamas, and I have put my foot down! I will not budge! He's hot-natured enough, he doesn't need the extra coziness factor. *LOL* What a thought...a man baby! What's next, nappies for nighttime? *LOL*

Wendi said...

There should be a warning with this post.
If only I had been warned...
I could have saved my keyboard from the water that shot from my nose!!!
Does he ask you to rock him to sleep?
What about a paci or a goodnight story?
Okay... I guess I am mocking.
I will stop.
Thanks for sharing Carol.

Lisa said...

No chance of this happening at my house. My husband is always hot. Sleeps in his skivvies with his feet hanging out from under the sheets, even in winter.

I'm the one who would be wearing one of these, if only so that I am safe from wandering hands in the night! TMI! TMI!