Thursday, 14 February 2008

Now that you're 3

So Thomas has been to the doctors today (incidentally so has Eli....flaming Siswick gene pool and it's ear infections!) and got a super huge congratulations on being potty trained. I actually think the Doctor was more thrilled than I was and believe me 2 months on I am still ecstatic that my nappy changing quota has been halved. I almost feel brave enough to attempt it with Eli in the Summer but just typing that made me feel like throwing up a little bit. Just thinking about uncontrollable urination really fires up my stress levels.

Anyhow his new stats are that he is 92.6 cm tall (that's 36.5 inches for the old British folks and the Americans who can't understand the metric system even though it is far easier and all the numbers are so much tidier, I like that everything is in factors of 10). He's also 14.8 Kg, for everybody normal on the earth including myself that is 32.5 pounds I don't understand Kilograms at all but thats what we get for agreeing to be part of the European Union, clearly Kg's alone should've been reason enough to decline! Well and the French and the Germans but that's just stating the obvious!

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Heidi said...

Ah. Thanks for the translation. What I don't get? STONES! Increments of 14 pounds? Weird.