Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Parenting With an Iron fist.

I like to follow things through to the letter. I read books and apply them exactly as directed. Therefore when I read Supernanny's book I followed her instructions and started that naughty spot technique at 2.5 years. Her reasoning that before that a child doesn't understand cause and effect so it is a pointless exercise.

Then I experienced yesterday. Eli bit a six year old at the playgym. In his defence she was in the under 3's area and she did push him. But in her defence that child is an animal. So I got to face apologising to another parent. This one was a tad more white trash so wasn't really even that bothered (such a relief!). She seemed more upset that her child's cries had made her have to vacate her very comfy chair.

While I was cooking dinner he bit Thomas (again!) and I remembered that my dear friend and esteemed mummy Heidi had said she puts her kids on the naughty spot from 18 months (she's hardcore like that). So I decided to follow her rather splendid example and do the same. (After all what does that Supernanny know? She doesn't even have children!) So he sat and felt sorry for himself for 90 seconds. I went through the whole process like a pro, frankly because I am a pro! I got to the part where afterwards I explain why he was put on the naughty spot and demand an apology.

Me:"So what do you say???"

Eli (Hopefully):"Please?"

I had just demanded an apology from a child who hasn't even mastered saying the word sorry in his 21 months. A parenting low point.

Did I feel bad? Yes.

Would I do it again? Yes indeed, probably today.

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Heidi said...

Meh. Don't feel bad. I just script their apology for them when they are that little.

I say, "Tell Mommy your sorry."

Then they do. Then we hug.