Saturday, 9 February 2008

Did I Mention I Hate Being Cold?

I totally see the benefits of hibernation. I could totally get on board with that lifestyle. Go to sleep just as the last leaves are falling in Autumn and wake up in the Spring to the blossoming trees and new spring flowers. Bliss!! I would happily sacrifice the rain, the wind and the dark evenings that start at 3pm. Being cold I could happily live without! Cleaning up the state of devastation the kids had left the house in during my seasonal slumber wouldn't be quite so appealing.

Last Saturday we had our annual snowfall. Global warming has contributed to a decrease in our snow quota each year. This I am happy about! Snow is for Eskimo's and Polar bears as far as I'm concerned. As I am neither of those two things I couldn't give a hoot if I never saw snow again. Sadly global warming hasn't increased our quota of sunshine at all. This I am not so happy about. Being too hot is not something that concerns me, being too cold I despise!

So we had our 5 hours of snow. The boys were thrilled as was Rob. I know in this picture Eli doesn't look so thrilled but that is because he has been forced to wear a coat, hat and mittens to brave the elements, which in his book is seriously uncool. They threw snowballs and played happily. You may wonder where I was during these snow fun shenanigans?? I was where any sun loving sane person should be........inside taking pictures through the bedroom window. I felt cold just looking at it. Brrrrrr!! I would NOT make a good eskimo which is just as well because I don't like fish either!

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Amy said...

I always knew you were meant for Arizona! You have the nice tan skin. Although I also despise the cold, my freckly skin would have fared better in England. I have no doubt I will die of skin cancer, but at least I was never cold getting it!