Friday, 22 February 2008

Welcome, Weekend!

Eli has recently developed a fascination with his nappy and it's contents. He does have the XY chromosome combination so it's only to be expected! I feel like I spend most of my time saying "Eli get your hand out of your butt, now!" (We're bilingual in our home, we like to freely use words from both English and American English vocabularies!) He usually declines. Unless we're in public, he seems to get that the general public do not want to see a 21 month old scratching his backside all the live long day.

I was busy preparing dinner and letting the boys watch 'Max and Ruby' in hope that they'd get so engrossed they'd leave me to cook in peace. The kitchen and living room are essentially the same room so I can keep a watchful eye on them no problem. Well usually I can.

I hear Thomas ask, "Mum, what's that!?"

I'm in the throws of serving up dinner and as I glance around I see Eli rubbing something brown into the laminate floor (hooray for no carpet!). My first thought is chocolate, maybe out of hope or naivete or simply because I'm not above bribing them with chocolate to get a window of opportunity to gets things done. Obviously it wasn't chocolate, it was indeed Poo!! Total appetite killer by the way. Yippee for that lovely husband of mine who came to the rescue and cleaned the kid up as he chanted over and over "Bye, bye Poo!"

That is exactly why I welcome the weekend so merrily cos for the next 48-ish hours I have my fellow team mate on board! Even better tomorrow we get to attend a wedding without any kids. So no filling my bag with books and bribes and wrestling with kids. Instead I actually get time with Rob on our own (well with 100+ other people because it is after all a wedding, but still!), once again welcome to the weekend and here's to hoping that Eli doesn't do the same at Grandma's house tomorrow!

1 lovely comments:

Heidi said...

Ew. Ew, ew, ew.

I have mercifully never had this happen.

However, Spe also constantly scratches his bum. (See me? British! Still!) But he has no problem doing it in public, either. Nice.