Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Naughty Spot

I am a big fan of that Supernanny lady. Considering she's never actually been a parent I think it's genius what this lady knows about raising kids.

I love watching her show for 2 reasons:

  1. I never fail to feel like I deserve a parenting award after watching the parenting efforts of those people happily parading their failures.

  2. It gives me an immense amount of pleasure to know that even on their very worst behaviour my kids are better behaved than those peoples kids on their best behaviour. (I actually think I deserve an award for that too!)

I also love how glossy the US version is compared to the UK version. They certainly make having hellish kids look a lot more glam across the Atlantic ocean. Here it appears more miserable with plenty more swearing from both parents and children. (Did I mention how proud I am of being British? Thought not!)

I am a huge enforcer of the Naughty Step technique, except we live in a bungalow so we have a designated naughty spot instead. (Thanks again Jo-Jo!) It's amazing the clarity a three year old can gain from 3 minutes spent in the naughty place.

Eli at 21 Months is envious of Thomas' naughty spot experiences and frequently takes himself off to sit on it whenever he gets told off. I'm sure when I'm the one putting the little monkey there he won't be nearly so keen. But, I'm sure he'll get used to it due to the fact that I'm convinced he'll be a far more frequent visitor than his older brother.

Eli's favourite naughty spot pass time is to take toys and sit close by to Thomas, just to make the punishment a little more bitter. Or else he just tries to sit on Thomas while he's doing his time, usually doing a cry of total mockery. Eli is nice like that!

Yesterday Thomas was playing with a toy Hippo that has a lever that opens the jaws. Rob is accustomed to whipping the boys into a total frenzy by chasing them with the Hippo who bites them. So, the Hippo hurt him (well actually he hurt himself because he was after all controlling the Hippo), when he complained I said 'Naughty Hippo!'

Then it happened....

"I put you on naughty spot because you naughty, you bit me you naughty hippo and thats naughty"

I figured he'd lose interest and go play with one of the other gazillion toys in his room. He didn't. He waited. He played out the whole naughty spot process perfectly. Glad to see I have raised a Hippo disciplinarian. The reprimanded hippo even had to say sorry and give Thomas a kiss before he was promptly warned if he did it again he'd go back to the naughty spot right away. Then he was discarded in favour of some other toy. Which is where my naughty spot technique and his differ I promise!

2 lovely comments:

Heidi said...

O, Supernanny, how I love thee.

Veevs used to put her rubber duckie in time out. Not sure why.

Is it bad that I start putting my kids in time out at 18 months? What would Jo Jo say?

Carol said...

Well she does say not to til 2.5 years becasue they don't fully grasp cause and effect til then. But personally I prefer your way so shall start with that right away!