Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Bad Parenting Chronicles: Part 1

I am the happy owner of one of these buggy board contraptions. This piece of plastic has improved my life immeasurably. Having purchased an array of double buggies (ok well only 2) that are cumbersome and heavy and impossible to maneuver unless you have the muscle strength of the Ultimate Warrior, which I certainly lack. We decided to shell out even more money (it grows on trees, right?) and buy the buggy board. The buggy board has many advantages but one major disadvantage. Disadvantage being that you no longer have the peace of mind that you can strap your little angels in and know unless they're a budding Houdini that they'll remain happily(?) confined for the remainder of your trip. Take a toddler into a shop that sells toys on the buggy board and you have an entirely different experience. A toddlers feet and the buggy board part company faster than the speed of light. Now, that is fast!

So on a recent trip to town the following occurred:

Thomas had parted company with his board and I was getting ready to leave the shop so asked him to get back on so we could go. He resisted due to the array of toys that were on display. So I firmly but quietly (I don't wanna be one of those parents that yells in public, that'd be embarrassing!) insisted he get back on his board immediately. Which he did and I was pleased that I had won this particular battle and coud happily be on my way.

If only the story ended here. To my utter humiliation this was the outcome.

Thomas (loud): "Sorry, sorry Mummy please don't shut me in that room again!"

Me (a little bit confused) "Shhhhh....It's OK Thomas we're going home now and I'll get you a gingerbread man on the way to the car". (I am a great believer in bribery to diffuse a situation).

Thomas (louder): No, no please don't shut me in the bathroom, don't shut that door on me, please, please!"

Me (Even louder wanting to make sure everyone was aware that I am not guilty of the atrocities my child is accusing me of): "Thomas don't be so silly, Mummy would never and has NEVER done that, mummy loves you!"

Thomas: "PLEASE MUM, I'm sorry please don't shut me in that room again!"

By this time I had quickened my pace considerably in a bid to be free of my humiliation. Needless to say I don't frequent that shop anymore and only go to town when Thomas is at playgroup to avoid a repeat experience.

I have never shut him in the bathroom or any room, nor would I ever. But after that episode it was a far more appealing idea.

2 lovely comments:

Heidi said...

Oh, hilarious! Maybe he has seen something on TV?

I love it when kids absolutely HUMILIATE their parents. It's so gratifying . . . unless they're mine.

The Hamilton's said...

You may as well make it true now, huh? I love that story!