Friday, 7 March 2008

Oh Poo!

On Friday while Thomas was at Playgroup Eli kept saying "Poo!" I kept checking his nappy but it remained a poo-free zone. So then a light bulb went on and I thought maybe he's telling me he wants to go, (full of hope that he's gonna be one of those children that potty trains themselves as they turn two years old) so I ask and he says "Yep!" so I take him proudly to the potty whilst thinking of all the many lovely things I can buy with the extra £20 a month I'll save not having to buy nappies and baby wipes from now on. So there he sat for the next 40 minutes (yes, with his penguin which he safely placed between his knees for the duration) occasionally standing up and putting both arms in the air whilst exclaiming "Yeah!!!!" In the end I had to actually wrestle a clean nappy on him so that we could be on time to pick up Thomas. I guess the dream of him potty training himself and saving that £20 a month will just have to wait after all.

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A M Y said...

I love the penguin between the legs. That's hilarious!