Friday, 23 May 2008


Today we had a fun family trip to Flamingo land in honour of it being Eli's 2nd Birthday Eve. (You can find all the pictures of our fun and frolics at the end of this Facebook photo album.) Obviously a fun time was had by all and the sun shone just enough to not need jackets! Perfect. Both boys were thrilled by the endless rides and rollercoasters and got soaked through before our day was over!

On the way home with both kids unconscious (which means they'll be up until midnight no doubt) in the back of the car we started talking about blogging.

Rob: "All you do is blog about the kids anyway....." (Because my life is SO crammed full with other things, right? Nope!)
Me: "Is there something special you'd like me to blog about you then?"
Rob: "Yeah, that I am awesome!"

I am in full agreement and I probably should have said it far sooner.....

Rob is awesome!

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The Limbys said...

Stats show that wives who think their husbans are awesome are much happier in their marriage than wives who don't have awesome husbands. Congratulations on having an awesome husband!