Monday, 26 May 2008

Water Slide of Death

I have a gift.

My gift it is to be able to look at any scenario and immediately see the worst possible outcome. Now others may call this gift negativity or even being overly dramatic but I'm sticking to my guns (whatever that means), it's a gift.

Like for instance I can picture if my child walks too close to the road that he is obviously gonna unexpectedly stumble and fall into the path of an oncoming vehicle, so to be safe I keep him as far away from the road as possible.

It is a very useful gift!

So while we were celebrating having sunshine a few weeks ago we took up residence outside for as many daylight hours as possible to soak up every second of sun we could. (Thank Heavens we did because who even knows if it is ever coming back!)

Now it crossed my mind while playing outside that it would be really fun to put the paddling pool (which may possibly be the smallest paddling pool ever made, not sure what my mum was thinking with that purchase) at the bottom of the slide and let the boys slide down into the water. But then my gift kicked in (thank goodness!) and I realised that our 'garden' is pure concrete and that water+children+slide=Emergency trip to the hospital. So I put the thought of smashed opened heads and broken limbs out of my head and continued to let them play safely and responsibly in the garden.

Well, at least until Rob came home. He is a sceptic of my 'gift' and was quickly chucking the boys down the slide into the water (with me ageing several years with every slide). Of course they loved it and Thomas even tried it head first, which was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Rob is always keen to take things a little bit further and suggested putting washing up liquid on the slide to make it extra speedy, fortunately my gift was able to even persuade him otherwise. So both of our children are still completely intact.

My gift saves the day again!

6 lovely comments:

Tom and Sarah Baker said...

It truly is a gift, I should know as I too have it!

AMY said...

I love it! Okay, that is possibly the smallest pool I have ever seen though. Do I need to send you one? I hope you get moe sunshine! I need to send Addisyn to live with you in England, her fair skin is not meant for sunny state.

Shannon said...

That is indeed a very tiny pool. Looks like the boys had fun though.

Anonymous said... I feel that your story here is slightly inaccurate.....I wanted to put liquid & The hose pipe down the slide to gain more speed....just liquid would have made a have to plan these things......

The Limbys said...

That is a tiny pool. In fact when it rains we get puddles in our front yard bigger then that.

Jill said...

Looks like so much fun! And I know others have commented, but it is a tiny pool! Perfect for tiny boys though, isn't it?

I wish my mom gift would transfer to my accidentprone son! He's always getting smashed up!